Would you inhale caffeine powder for an energy boost?

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AEROSHOTS are portable inhalers that puff a 12-20mg dose of caffeine and B vitamins into your mouth with each application. The zero calorie powder is swallowed and does not go into your lungs and according to their information, it is not absorbed any quicker into your system than the caffeine in a soft drink or other energy drink. Itโ€™s just in a more convenient pocket sized form factor. Each AEROSHOT contains 100mgs of caffeine, which is equal to the amount of caffeine in a large cup of coffee. They are available now through the AEROSHOT website for $2.99 each.

Who among you would try something like this? I donโ€™t even drink those 5hr energy drinks. When I need a pick-me-up, my โ€œmedicineโ€ of choice is a diet coke, which has about 47mg of caffeine per 12oz. can.

12 thoughts on “Would you inhale caffeine powder for an energy boost?”

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  2. This is probably a rebranded LeWhif. http://www.lewhif.com/index.html

    I purchased LeWhif before to try out at Dylon’s Candy Bar in NYC. Got the coffee and chocolate ones and it was….interesting. Tastes unique but you only get the taste and no actual thing to bite into. It’s interesting to try it but very unsatisfying since you don’t actually get to eat anything.

    The technology on creating fine particles is interesting though. Maybe scientists would be interested in engineering medicine to be delivered this way.

  3. Short answer: no.

    Long answer:
    Drinking a decent cup of coffee is about more than just getting your caffeine shot. The taste and smell of freshly ground beans, with hints of roasted nuts, wood and other flavours. The creamy feeling in your mouth, when you drink the “crema”, filled with countless micro bubbles. The tingling on your tongue if it is a strong roasted coffee.
    To use a Dutch expressing: like an angel peeing on your tongue (which means that something tastes divine)

  4. I tend to think that all kind of artificially added caffeine to various products like chewing gums (e.g. Guarana), soft drinks the device above or what have you, are difficult to control and may have a stronger impact on your body over time than the immediate effect. Especially when used at a party (e.g. mixed with alcohol) or to keep you up at night (e.g. for students) the ability to control the effect is difficult. Caffeine used to be an excellent medicine against headache but lost its power due to the overuse of caffeine everywhere these days. On top of that people react differently to caffeine and a device like the one above could easily harm a person with an overdose.

  5. I’m with Valcon, and I share his obsession. That said, there is a reason I keep a bottle of NoDoz in my briefcase and make sure I have said bottle when driving for long distances. (I have also found that my definition of “long” has gotten increasingly shorter as I slouch into middle age.) But I can’t see buying an Aeroshot as long as NoDoz and chocolate-covered coffee beans are available.

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