EXOvault Belt Buckle and iPhone 4/4S Holster

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Here’s a case for those who can’t carry their iPhone 4 or 4S close enough to their…  umm, let’s go with heart…  The EXO7 Belt Buckle and Holster for iPhone 4/4S can either clip onto your belt (or in a pocket) or can replace your standard belt buckle.  The case is machined of either solid brass with rosewood accents or aluminum (in black or silver) with rosewood accents.  Your phone is held securely inside the case by the metal top that opens on a stainless steel hinge and is held closed by a strong rare earth magent.  The EXO7 is available from the EXOvault shop at Etsy for $300.00.

3 thoughts on “EXOvault Belt Buckle and iPhone 4/4S Holster”

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  2. I’ve got a standard Exovault case in brass and the quality of construction is unbelievably high and rock solid. It was $ well spent, but it is not for anyone on a Yugo budget.

  3. That looks so bad ass and geeky at the same time. First thing that came in mind was Chuck Norris and that asian kid from The Goonies. Sorry forgot his name…lol

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