LunaTik Touch Pen Combines a Pen with a Stylus

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lunatik touch penIf you constantly switch between your tablet computer and paper, you’d probably like a stylus/pen combination. Scott Wilson + MINIMAL have a Kickstarter project to fund the LunaTik Touch Pen combination stylus and rollerball pen.  You can see from the illustration, the pen point deploys through the stylus point.  You can switch from a tablet computer to paper with just a click to extend/retract the pen.  You don’t even have to change your grip on the pen.  It will be available in plastic in a range of colors or in anodized aluminum (shown).  There’s also an limited-edition anniversary version for those who pledge $500 or more.  Pledge at least $30 and you’ll receive a couple of plastic LunaTik pens; $30 or more elevates you to the metal bodies.  Be prepared to also include $20 to $50 shipping (depending on pledge level) if you’re outside the US.

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  2. I’ve been looking for the perfect stylus. When I saw this, it looked perfect. Then figured that all my Christmas shopping would be done in one order. Well, maybe next Christmas since the shipping date is maybe April after you invest in the product. Buy why not, I’ve made much worse investments 🙂

    1. @1000Acres Let me know if/when you do find the perfect stylus for writing and drawing. I’m still looking. The LunaTik looks nice, but a big wide for my liking…

  3. This is a horrible idea, and here is why:
    I was playing with a laptop with pen input which belong to a friend. Being unfamiliar with it, I put down the stylus which looked like a pen, and picked up an ink pen by accident. I took me a few minutes to realize my mistake, and I had to spend 5 minutes cleaning the screen. Good thing there was no scratch. Having a pen and a stylus in one is an accident waiting to happen.

  4. looks interesting…i’ve been on kickstarter as a funder for over 1 year, and funded too many (20+) projects, and then been disappointed by the products when they arrive. i’ve funded 3+ stylii (plural styluses…), from adonit jot to cosmonaut (not yet out) to more/real stylus cap — none of them work exactly as advertised. the $25 boxwave stylus i bought 2 years ago is still the best, and it’s a pen and stylus — it’s been done already. the latter is a cap and pen on the other end, so you wont end up messing up the screen…i would be careful about supporting projects in the future, some take extremely long to severe disappointments and you don’t get your money’s worth!

  5. LunaTik Touch Pen styluses Still lacks the precision of Resistive stylus or Estylo capacitive stylus from Plai.
    Although LunaTik Touch Pen has better precision than other rubber tip styluses on the market.
    I think for sketching,Estylo from Plai is better.
    have posted a set on

    Regarding accuracy of Estylo.
     See all my 4 image photos and video on Estylo’s accuracy feature and my comments on my posts on the above stated flickr website.There,See the image tittled-“Error in styluses with Disc tips (2nd image)”
    (Ostylus tip touching the screen is shown).You will find unnecessary point or line mark on the screen.However,Estylo does not have this problem,it’s very accurate and simple in design.In fact,at the corners of tips of Estylo,which are used to give command on screen,Estylo has the smallest tip curves of all styluses i have seen till now,be it resistive or capacitive.
    Capacitive styluses works on Electric charge density on screens and resistive ounces work with Pressure sensitivity(pressure=force per unit area in newtons per metres square).Moreover the sensitivity size of capacitive screens is very slightly larger than that of resistive screens so we cannot use those very accurate resistive styluses with very precise small tip end .Let me tell you that the guys at Plai are creative genius. They have successfully invented a capacitive stylus with best possible accuracy till now at least which can be much improved in future through heavy research and development.Plai successfully have replaced those traditional punchy,rubbery stylus design *which have no accuracy with a highly sophisticated precision lightweight triangular design.More importantly,not only Estylo works with glove but also it does not require any additional direct radio frequency system support and external power.

  6. Julie,plai has just finished the 1.1 kickstarter project and will start selling this new version to others soon.they r launching a newer website and have removed the old one.

  7. Julie,,the makers of Estylo has just successfully completed Estylo,kickstarter project.1.1 is their newer version of Estylo and they have removed the Website for old version.The new website for their Estylo stylus newer version will be ready within few days I hope.They will start selling newer version to other customers soon.But first they may be shipping to their Backers on Kickstarter.So it might take some more time to get Estylo delivered.Also note that Estylo is good only for sketching.Read my full description on Estylo’s precision video on Flickr for more info to choose a good writing stylus.have posted a set on

    Regarding accuracy of Estylo on Flickr.

     See all my 4 image photos and video on Estylo’s accuracy feature and my comments/descriptions on my posts on the above stated flickr website.

  8. Because for writing unlike for sketching, u need a kind of precision tip that really moves very fast in tight places or curves.Our handwriting is small generally in note taking,not big.But I have suggested other alternatives for writing styluses on Flickr in my Estylo precision’s comment/description/explanation just below the Video I posted.If u want to sketch in tight places like that of note taking writing,you can zoom the screen view.We don’t sketch in tight places or small space continuously.

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