Turn Your iPhone into a GPS with the Mophie juice pack plus Outdoor EDITION

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Sometimes I’ve found that I can use online maps to plan a route, but I don’t want to have to print out directions.  Using my iPhone to check maps as I’m out can quickly use up my battery life – and my data plan.  Mophie comes to the rescue with the  juice pack plus Outdoor EDITION  iPhone 4 case.  This juice pack does what all Mophie juice packs do – acts as a reliable, compact emergency battery that more than doubles your battery life.  Leave the case on your iPhone 4 and have access to emergency power whenever you need it.  The outdoor EDITION also comes with the Mophie outdoor app, which is based on the Apple Design Award-winning AccuTerra GPS app.  The Mophie outdoor app effectively turns your iPhone into a GPS receiver that can be used with Google and AccuTerra maps, and this case/app bundle also gives you a one-year subscription for unlimited access to more than 650,000 map images, encompassing five million square miles of the continental U.S. and Hawaii that can be used even when you have no phone coverage.  You can use the maps to plan, locate, and track the best trails and outdoor activities.  The Mophie juice pack plus Outdoor EDITION is $119.95.

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  2. I use the Mophie Juice pak plus on my 4s all the time, never any worries about having plenty of power.
    Sure, it adds some weight and size, but it feels good in the hand
    and fit well in the pocket.
    If I were an outdoors type, this would be a Great addition to the Mophie and the iPhone.

    Mophie makes great power packs, trust them

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