Fylus Stick-On Stylus Tips for Your Fingers

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The Fylus is a small circular stick-on stylus tip that is made of a conductive material that is compatible with devices that have a capacitive display like the iPad and iPhone. It has been designed to help aid accuracy when using your fingers to select and enter data on touch screen devices. I usually don’t have any issues with accuracy when I use my fingers with my devices. But I live with someone who can’t use a touch screen to save her life, so I can see how this product could be somewhat useful. According to the company that makes the Fylus, you can stick them on your thumb and index finger and leave them there all day because they are so discreet. Hmmm, what about when you wash your hands after using the restroom? Do the Fyli get flushed down the drain? If you want to give them a try, they are available in 8, 12, 24 and 48 pc. packs, which can be pre-ordered from $2.75 up to $14.25. I think I’ll just stick to my naked finger tips.

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  2. Hmmm, how about actually USING the restroom with little prickly things on the ends of your fingers ??? I can see some potential accidents 🙂

  3. If a person has DRY skin/hands/fingers, could that affect the ability of the finger to trigger the capacitive screen? I know when my hands are dry, sometimes swipes don’t work. Just wetting my fingers, then drying them helps a lot.

  4. I love the humor! Just a couple of points to help clarify some things. The profile of the part is actually very smooth. It’s made of a soft plastic material that slides quite well across the screen and there is no need to worry about bodily injury while performing the most essential human functions:)

    The adhesive that we use is a high quality medical grade adhesive that is very aggressive, yet peels off quite well when you’re ready to take off the Fylus. In our testing we’ve been able to get a full 12 hours of good solid use, and that was while washing the hands at least 3 times during that period. Some people might have extra oily skin, or sweaty hands, which may affect how long the adhesive lasts, but it is adheres quite well.

    Finally, there is definitely a difference from person to person, in terms of how conductive their body is. This will certainly affect how responsive a touch screen is. The Fylus doesn’t actually make your fingers more conductive, but rather, is meant to help you with accuracy, aide in keeping your screen a bit cleaner, and spare you from having to lug around an extra stylus that you have to pull out, put away, and keep track of. The Fylus is there when you need it and doesn’t affect the rest of your daily routine when you don’t need it.

  5. OEB, you are absolutely correct. This product was not invented for those who are fine with using their fingers to interface with their devices, though I believe it can enhance their experience. It was for those who are frustrated with the using their touchscreen phones, either because they find the sometimes small interface difficult to navigate or maybe their fingers are larger than most. I’ve run into countless people who are frustrated, or avoid touchscreen only phones and devices all together because they find them difficult to use. Hopefully my product will help those people enjoy the same experience you have with your touch screen device!

  6. @Flyus

    A more practical application would be to allow these to stick on to gloves. I don’t see anywhere (here or on your website) that it says they will stick to gloves; so can you confirm?
    Most people would rather buy these stick-ons for gloves rather than buy new gloves all-together.

  7. @RB

    I agree with you. Stick on for gloves would be better. Then sell it wherever they sell gloves. That would be your market. i.e. REIs across the country.

    As of right now it is too much of a niche item that needs 2 requirements: 1) you must have non conductive finger tips. 2) you must except the fact that you have to have something sticky stuck to your fingertip.

    Making it stick to gloves is a much larger market.

    IMO =)

  8. @RB and @OEB

    Hey thank you both very much for your feedback. The feedback regarding gloves is one that we get quite a bit. We actually now have a solution for that, it’s called the Glove Strip. http://www.thefylus.com/glovestrip. This allows you to use the Fylus on your glove and it works great.

    Thanks again for your feedback, we really do appreciate it.

  9. I think your fylus stick on stylus are GREAT! I actually thought up this same idea and did an internet search and ran across this. How can I purchase some. I hate texting because I suck at it. I think this might help.

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