evo.pen – The Remedy for Chronic Hand Pain when Writing

Julie’s recent posts about erasable pens and mechanical pencils has woken my own office-supply love.  I found a really unusual looking pen that’s designed to reduce hand pain when writing.  The evo.pen is said to be the remedy for hand pain when writing due to arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, repetititve stress syndrome, and writer’s cramp.  It has received a commendation from the Arthritis Foundation and is recommended by hand and occupational therapists.  When the pen is closed, there’s even a round stylus for use with mobile devices and tablets.  A package of 2 evo.pens is $10.00, or you can purchase an ev0.millennium chrome with 2 extra refills for $40.00.  Refills are $10 for 6 cartridges.

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2 thoughts on “evo.pen – The Remedy for Chronic Hand Pain when Writing”

  1. When you have to write a lot, there’s nothing above a proper pen grip and a fountain pen.
    Just hold it softly and let it rest in your hand, don’t hold it too tight.

    Using ball pens in elementary school ruined many kid’s pen grip, unfortunately.

    A roller ball pen will do too, it’s good option in between a ball pen and a fountain pen.

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