Studio Neat Glif iPhone 4/4S Tripod Mount and Stand Review

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The Glif from Studio Neat is a handy little gadget for iPhone 4/4S owners that are aspiring photographers and videographers. It allows you to attach your iPhone to any standard tripod and also doubles as an easily adjustable stand. Let me show you how it works.

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The Glif is made of semi flexible recyclable rubberized plastic that has been molded specifically for the iPhone 4/4S.

There’s a trough to hold the iPhone securely.

And a 1/4″-­20 threaded socket so that you can attach it to a tripod.

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Your caseless iPhone is held in place in either portrait…

or landscape orientation as seen here. I have a protector on both sides of my iPhone and it still works with the Glif.

Here we see the Glif attached to the top of a tripod.

It’s very handy to be able to use a tripod with your iPhone. I have been using my phone to take short product demo videos and have found the Glif to be the perfect thing to allow me to shoot video easier when it’s attached to a tripod.

When you’re not using the Glif with a tripod, it doubles as a stand that can be used in portrait orientation as long as you keep the Glif as low as possible. Placing it higher up on the iPhone’s side will cause it to tip over to one side.

The stand works best with the phone in landscape orientation as seen above.

The Glif is a simple product that is very useful. It’s made well enough that it should last longer than you’ll probably own your iPhone. 😉 It’s handy to keep in your gear bag to use as a stand and for those times when a tripod will help you get that perfect shot or capture video.


Product Information

Manufacturer:Studio Neat
  • Compact
  • Easy to use
  • Doubles as a stand
  • None

6 thoughts on “Studio Neat Glif iPhone 4/4S Tripod Mount and Stand Review”

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  2. Have been one of the early subscribers when it still was in the fundraising stage – woulnd’t trade it, extremely useful.

  3. Thanks for the reviews! I just received my Glif last week
    & am not too impressed with the fit since it is “semi flexible”
    I think it should better accommodate a simple screen protector
    without issues as seen in your glif photo #6. It fails to seat
    properly and begins to lift or “push” the screen protector film
    off at the edges. I know its designed to work with a case-less
    iPhone but I’d bet many folks use a protective film.
    Using as a tripod adaptor is risky for fear of it falling out
    of its trough. Works better as a handy stand!
    Please not that I only have the film (by Switcheasy)
    on just the front.

  4. Yes Julie, I saw that it was not seating
    fully so I carefully pressed it in but it
    just did not want to “stay” in all the way.
    I first thought it was the volume buttons
    but there is a cutout for that. I removed
    it & tried again & thats when I noticed
    the film coming away from the glass.
    Not a lot but it introduces bubbles at
    the edges and I dont want that. My
    biggest knock against it is that it won’t
    seat and the small lip means theres
    not much keeping it secure. YMMV…

  5. It looks like a good product, shame there is no hole for the headphones – they can be used as a cable release on the camera. I’ll have to get my drill out !

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