Need a whiteboard? Use the back of your laptop with DrawTop!

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I frequently use a whiteboard to convey a concept or have a dialogue with a client.  With whiteboads and whiteboard markers it is a good chance that they are not what you want them to be when you show up at someone’s office:  the whiteboard is blurry or stained and there is usually one red market – the exact color you do not want to use.  I usually carry my own set of whiteboard markers to avoid just such a problem, but I can not carry my own whiteboard, or can I?

An entrepreneur founded DrawTop, to make sure you always have a whiteboard with you.  By taking advantage of the unused space on the back of your laptop, or should I say the space used only for stickers and pictures, the DrawTop provides a whiteboard that is with you when and where you need a whiteboard.  The DrawTop Laptop Whiteboard is a white vinyl sheet that looks simple thanks to an adhesive back and even includes a set of Expo whiteboard markers.  I only wish you could print on these to create a standard whiteboard diagram for  illustration purposes or add your company logo.  I also wonder how it works on Mac’s as the light up Apple Logo may be viewable through the DrawTop.  I guess I will just have to order one and let you know.

Priced at $12 for a single DrawTop , $16 for two, or $10 for a special DrawTop for your tablet of choice.  Available today on the DrawTop website.

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8 thoughts on “Need a whiteboard? Use the back of your laptop with DrawTop!”

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  2. Will they be offering a paper pad version of the same idea?
    There is a laptop available on the other side for god sake.

    1. I usually use an “Electronic” paper version to do whiteboards to larger audiences. It is nice for a number of reasons, including the ability to have a paper version of the notes from a client or colleague meeting. I highly suggest using your mobile phone camera to snap a picture of your whiteboards as it is a great way to capture notes and to do’s. My electronic whiteboard of choice is from a 200 year old French Paper company, Canson. I will write a review of it some day in the future. Enjoy!

  3. We’ve using static cling whiteboard sheets – available at Staples, etc. – for years now. Never thought of cutting it down to size and sticking on the back of a laptop though – neat idea. And I think static cling (thus removable/replacable) is better than a glued option. Prob less expensive too.

  4. Love the idea, as long as it sticks well. And dude, you’re worried about your Apple logo shining thru or not? How elitist.

  5. MikeF,

    Thanks for your comment…It isn’t an elitist thing, it is more of a point of having to do a whiteboard in front of a client and having a big white apple showing through the whiteboard – not exactly professional, nor will it keep the client’s attention…..Definitely not at elitist thing.

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