Kindle 3 (Keyboard) not gone or forgotten – Firmware Update

While the Amazon Kindle family is still growing with new models, it looks like Amazon hasn’t forgotten or stopped developing for those who have or prefer the Kindle 3 ( Keyboard ). Firmware 3.3 updates the K3 to match some of the features of the newly (to be) released siblings.

Primarily :

  • Download your archived Personal Documents
  • Whispersync for Personal Documents
  • AmazonLocal deals on Kindles with Special Offers
  • Voice Guide Shortcut.

While none of these functions are something that I’d use, nice to see updates still coming out for this “older” unit.

It should come down over the air, or you can go to the Software Page and manually update.

More information at Amazon’s Kindle Keyboard Software Update Page

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  • 10basetom October 20, 2011, 11:28 am

    The Touch still can’t “touch” the Keyboard in one department: ability to surf the web over 3G. This is an important factor for many people.

  • Ian Lim October 20, 2011, 4:34 pm

    @10Basetom Totally agree. While I don’t use 3g Web browsing often, it’s a absolute life and money saver when I travel overseas. See my post here . No way I will be replacing my 3 3g with a new Kindle until my 3g dies 🙂
    But of course there are also those who don’t need this functionality.

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