You know you have an iPad problem if you need a Griffin Multidock

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The Griffin Multidock is a steel enclosed iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch charging system that can charge up to 10 devices (or link 3 Multidocks for a capacity of 30 devices) at one time. Connect a Mac to it to to serve as a host computer to sync your apps, media and other content through iTunes. There are LEDs that indicate the charging status for each iPad and you can even leave the tablets in most cases while they charge. Obviously, this product is intended for businesses, but hey, if you need to the ability to charge that many devices at once, you can buy one for $699.99 or get a break on 3 for $1799.99.

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6 thoughts on “You know you have an iPad problem if you need a Griffin Multidock”

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  2. @Mikey Pizano – Point is it makes it easy to maintain a large number of iPads.

    Remember, the iPad isn’t just used by individuals but also organizations like Schools, Businesses, etc. and for them being able to conveniently maintain their iPads would be the selling point.

    Since they won’t need as much space or need as many people to maintain all their iPads.

  3. @Mikey – That’s true. It would be cooler if they made it slot loading with the dock connector inside the slot plus an eject button to pop it out. And add in a front cover plate to lock them all down when not in use for security.

  4. Would cost more if they did it that way to add protection for the screen. Unlike laptop you can’t just close a iPad and then slip it in a seal-able dock.

    Besides which, recharging the internal battery can cause heat built up and best to have at least some ventilation.

    Though a lockable sliding tray design with case fan may be a reasonable compromise design, but some people in these organization prefer easy access and rather just use a locked room for security.

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