LEGO too ho hum? How about Playable Metal?

If you’re bored with LEGO, how about checking out Playable Metal building sets. Playable Metal sets are made of an aluminum alloy and come in different colors and allow you to build 3 dimensional structures. The parts are connected together with special screws. offers a variety of sets that range in price from $34.95 – $74.95. YoYo offers a lot of different building toys that I’ve never heard of before. I tempted to pull out my credit card… How many of you still play with building toys?

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3 thoughts on “LEGO too ho hum? How about Playable Metal?”

  1. I do. I bought a Lego Mindstorms NXT set a couple years ago, and immediately went out and bought a second set. Then, last year, I bought a pair of the NXT 2.0 sets. Whenever I have a weekend off from work, and the wife/kids have other plans, I’ll spend hours being 10 years old again. It’s a blast being able to build four independent robots, and then program them to communicate with each other…

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