Keep Your Important Files Safe with Carbonite Online Backup

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Carbonite Online Backup

Some of my most important possessions are on my computer.  In addition to important tax documents and correspondence, I store all my music files, ebooks, and photos on my laptop.  I would be devastated if I lost all those files.  We all know we should perform backups of our data, but backups require an extra hard drive – which is also vulnerable to failure – and lots of time when you have thousands of files to protect.  The folks at Carbonite  can make backing up your important files easy and inexpensive.

Carbonite works with Windows and Mac computers.  You simply install their software and let Carbonite do the rest as it works constantly in the background.  Whenever you’re connected to the internet, Carbonite performs an incremental computer backup of files that have changed.  Every precaution is taken to transfer your files safely and to keep them safe in Carbonite’s data center.  And there’s no data limit; you don’t pick and choose which files to protect.  Carbonite protects all your documents, music, email, and photos.

If something happens to a file or you replace a hard disk or computer, Carbonite will walk you through a simple restore process to put your files into the correct folders on your computer.  With a free app, you’ll even be able to access your files on an iPad or iPhone, Android device, or Blackberry smartphone.

You can protect your files for less than $5 a month with Carbonite’s backup service.  For $59 a year, you’ll get unlimited space, secure transfer and storage of your files, and easy access to your data from any internet-connected computer, smartphone, or iPad.  That seems like a very small price to pay to protect the priceless.  You can try out Carbonite free for 15 days.  Go to the Carbonite site now to start your free trial; you won’t even need a credit card to try it.  When you decide to buy, use the BLOGAD code to add two free months to your service plan.  With Carbonite, you’ll have nothing to lose.

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3 thoughts on “Keep Your Important Files Safe with Carbonite Online Backup”

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  2. It is worth noting that you really do not get unlimited space. When you reach a certain amount of storage, the upload is throttled to a point where it would take years to upload 1tb of data.
    Of course this is written in very tiny prints on the carbonite website…

  3. If you need to include network drives in your backup you might want to look at iDrive. When we evaluated Carbonite it did a fine job, but would not include data on a mapped drive.

  4. By doing this, when your computer crash, you have a duplicate of it in hold to displace your data.
    If hackers rob your documents, they will
    just get yourself a pile of deeply encoded gobbledygook.

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