Obol Solves the Soggy Cereal Syndrome

obolWe’re always on the lookout for products that can help make your life easier.  This time it’s the Obol crispy cereal bowl. Last year, Andy showed us the Ooma bowl which uses the same principle, but I think this one looks like an even nicer looking / functioning product. The Obol has two sections. One that holds your cereal and the other your milk. When you want a bite of cereal, just slide some into the milk and scoop it up. Easy! The bowl even has a nice handle so you can eat in front of the TV. It’s not only useful for cereal, but can work as well for soup and crackers or cookies and milk. Each Obol is $19.99 or you can get a 3 pack for $49.95.

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7 thoughts on “Obol Solves the Soggy Cereal Syndrome”

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  2. This is silly. The only proper way to do this would be to have a spoon with a milk pump system. You would then scoop up your cereal and tap the floor switch which would then fire off a command to pump exactly the right amount of milk into the spoon.

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