ARCHOS G9 Tablets Announced

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ARCHOS announced two new Android tablets. They include two form factors; the 80 G9 (8″ 1024 by 768 display) and the 101 G9 (10.1″ 1280 by 800 display). They also ship with the fastest dual-core processor,  a CORTEX A9 OMAP4 1.5 GHz.

In addition to putting the quickest processor in, they add a couple more features to stand out from the crowd. A 250 GB Hard Drive option and a 3G option that can be added after you buy the tablet.

The 101 G9 is listed for $399.99 for the 16GB model, and $499.99 for the 250GB model. The 80 G9 lists for $329.99 for the 16GB model, and $399.99 for the 250GB model.

You can choose between a flash model, or one with a 250 GB hard Drive. The Hard Drive models are only 3mm thicker and about 4 ounces heavier. It looks like you can’t later decide to add a hard drive, since the physical dimensions are different. I know it is all about the flash memory anymore, but the attraction of size and cost for a hard drive is compelling.

There is no 3G model. They ship with Wi-Fi, but include the ability to add a 3G stick for access. It is standard looking 3G USB stick that you can also use with your Mac or Windows PC. What makes it really slick is that it is designed to slide right into a custom slot. When installed, you won’t even know it is there (except for the wireless access). The Gadgeteer in me wonders if you can attach other USB devices into that port.

No word yet on what cell providers will support it. I also wonder if they will produce a 4G version. Seems a shame to saddle this high-powered tablet with 3G speeds.

What do you think? 8″ or 10″?

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3 thoughts on “ARCHOS G9 Tablets Announced”

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  2. The 3G USB stick is really a neat and smart idea. But we all know that AT&T will find a way to charge people for data being used on the tablet and data being use on a computer….LOL

  3. The quality of the hardware parts is one step below that of Apple but the price is 2 steps below! That and you get a choice of either a HD (small form factor) or flash drive and nobody yet knows what the power consumption is for the new small HD. Anyone got any ideas?
    The GSM wireless dongle is hugely innovative. I am in the market for a Tablet and communications is a big thing for me (when I travel to places like Singapore I can buy into inexpensive GSM SIMs).
    I like the Apple, but they cripple it with NO USB and no easy 3G BYO alternative. I also like the Sammy 10 incher. These two are the premium price level so the Archos at a lower price, slightly lower quality hardware but better connectivity is VERY interesting.

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