Next Generation Portable Gaming – PlayStation Vita

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Sony announced on June 7, 2011, their next portable gaming system, PlayStation Vita.  Vita means “life” in Latin.  The Wi-Fi model will be available for $249 or $299 for the 3G/Wi-Fi version.  AT & T will be Vita’s exclusive 3G partner. The Vita has a 5″ multi-touch organic light emitting diode (OLED) (960×544 pixels) as its front display and has a multi-touch pad on the rear.  The PS Vita allows game play like never before, featuring three-dimension-like motion through finger motions of push and pull, trace, push and pull, and grab. PlayStation’s Vita has two analog sticks which create a larger genre of games for the portable gaming experience. It will also have 6-axis motion sensors and dual front and back facing cameras.  This device is supposed to run on a quad core ARM Cortex A9 processor. Vita will be preloaded with a new application called “Party”, which enables the user to engage in voice or text chat  while online gaming and also when playing different games, or even performing different applications, like surfing the internet.  PS Vita will also come with an application called “Welcome Park”, which is a user’s guide to accustom them easily to the features of Vita and to easily learn the three-dimension-like  finger motions on the PS Vita.


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  2. In addition to the quad core A9 processors, the Sony Vital will also have the PowerVR SGX543 MP4 (MP4 means it’s quad core) providing its graphics performance, which can be compared to the PowerVR SGX543 MP2 (Dual Core) used by the iPad2 for comparison but even more powerful with the additional two cores.

    I’m not sure on the WiFi only version but the 3G version should also have GPS.

  3. The PSP has preven to be a very reliable video player for my sons. We use it as a handheld video device, or we plug it into my car distribution amp to feed two headrest monitors…and of course for TVs in hotels, etc.
    I wish it would allow me to mirror the display rather than just shut it off.
    My biggest complaint…and it appears Sony is doing it again is non-standard cables and memory cards. It’s obnoxious to require customers to purchase special memory cards…and even worse that it looks like this device won’t use the older Memory Stick Duos.
    The transfer/charge cable should be USB on both sides (this goes for Apple too)
    The memory cards should be some form of the SD standard.
    I also hope Sony sees fit to release a little keyboard for this model…as that’s something the PSP was long rumored to get, but never materialized either from Sony or 3rd parties.

  4. @Ken Esq I agree that the PSVITA should have an on screen keyboard for assessing the internet and stuff. Also the expropriatory format is to stop piracy and stuff just like the wii and ds and even the new U.

    I believe that the Vita may not get my vote due to its lack of inbuilt functionality (though it does have lots of inputs) it does not seem multi-functional. The ipad on the other hand has good reference tools, innovative applications and games all through the app store. In short I wished that the Android market or at least some good non game apps were available for the Vita.

    If I do try to purchase one I hope it cost less than 600 NZD.

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