Heart Shaped USB Bladeless Fan for Dyson Fans

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Admit it, when you first heard about the Dyson bladeless air multiplier fans, you wanted one… at least until you saw their price. Now you can have a heart shaped USB version of this fan from Brando and it will only set you back $22. This mini fan has a color cycling LED and features natural aroma beads. You know you want one…

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10 thoughts on “Heart Shaped USB Bladeless Fan for Dyson Fans”

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  2. If this Brando’s air output is as feeble as the Dysons it’s modeled after, NO, I don’t want one. It would simply be a waste of my laptop’s power. Folks looking for a useful USB- (or battery-) powered desktop cooling device should look instead at the Handy Cooler, the world’s smallest air cooler, powered by an impeller fan blowing air through an internal sponge moistened with water. Now THIS gizmo is a cool idea!

  3. Stuff like this I have to check out how it works just in case there’s some new technology! None here 😛 What I found is that the Dyson Air Multiplier does have blades in the pedestal that supplies air to the upper round air tube thingy.

  4. That’s exactly right, Bob. And believe me, the Dysons don’t put out much air for their size — or price! Colossal fail in every way except for the visual design…

  5. it is stated as “Bladeless” due to NO BLADES on outside for pets or kids to encounter, so don’t even try to put it down – I want one, but the price IS way too much for most, I imagine that will drop as more companies are making them – LOVE the BLUE heart-shaped one…. 🙂

  6. Mommyham, have you actually felt the air output from a Dyson fan in a store? It is feeble at best. Most folks who need a high-functioning fan will be much happier with one of the Vornadoes, with their aerodynamic vortex grills that put out a mighty wind. The Vornadoes also have realistic prices, attractive designs — and only the most determined pets and children will be able to penetrate the Vornado fan cases to contact the blades.

  7. @mommyham
    On the Dyson website there are videos (I like the balloons going from one fan to another). One shows the difference between cleaning of regular fans and the Dyson. It demonstrates cleaning a Dyson all that is involved is wiping around the insides of upper round air tube thingy but nothing about cleaning the bottom pedestal where the air intake is. My thinking is that you’d also have to clean the air intake. I think it’s a marketing ploy to conceal the fact that there are blades. If it wasn’t for this deception I wouldn’t have commented. I don’t like trickery; I like honesty in advertising for a product I might be purchasing…

  8. I’m just stating the main reasons they brag about “bladeless”. I did not look at it as a literal sense, if blades ARE inside, that won’t hurt your children or animals…… Have you ever had the joy of watching your small child go near a bladed fan with his/her hands stretched out? NOT a pleasant feeling! I think if they lower their price considerably, they would be a better hit! I see what a few are saying about the speed of the air coming through it, would have to see one in action before I make the final decision to purchase or not. Thanks for your comments though, gives me some things to look into before making a purchase! 🙂 ***DYSON: PLEASE LOWER THE COST OF THIS ITEM!!!

  9. I would STRONGLY encourage anyone intrigued by the Dyson Fan to go to a brick & mortar store that has one on display and sample the air output for yourself. If you rely on fans to help you stay cool in hot weather, I think you will be disappointed by the meager air flow. If, however, you simply want an expensive and elegant-looking accent piece for your living room, then by all means purchase a Dyson without further consideration…

  10. @mommyham
    Yes it is safer than the regular fans, we’re in agreement there. My beef is that they led me on to believe it was something that it was not; like some kind of new technology to move air…
    Like I said before: I don’t like that…

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