D-Wave is Offering the First Quantum Computer

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d wave one systemD-Wave has introduced the D-Wave One, the first quantum computing computer. The processor of the D-Wave One is different from traditional processors, which are based on transistors. The Quantum Computer is based on physics behavior ,and it should be easier to model and solve problems of Artificial Intelligence (Markov Random Field), System Validation and Graph and number theories (like code breaking).

“The processor is a physical graph, where the nodes are devices called qubits and the edges are devices called couplers. Both qubits and couplers can be programmed to encode problems in a straightforward way. The chip computes answers to problems by attempting to minimize its energy. The lower the energy of the chip, the better the answer you get out.” (from D-Wave site)

As with computers in the 1970s, this is not an home PC, not by cost or size. Nevertheless, it enables researchers to explore the world of Quantum Computing.

4 thoughts on “D-Wave is Offering the First Quantum Computer”

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  2. Yes the Quantum Computer would have huge benefits to AI!
    It astounds me of what the mind can do for its size. I’ve always believed that the human mind (or any mind for that matter) works at the quantum level. If this were true, would explain a lot through Quantum Entanglement with coupled pairs: ESP, precognition, dreams, imagination…; all the stuff that is or borders on the metaphysical.
    You may be unsure of what I’m talking about, please Google it, because Quantum Entanglement is very fascinating and very strange. Einstein came up with it to debunk Quantum Physics, but Entanglement was later proved in the lab. Mark my words that it will be found to be true that our little minds are Quantum Computers. It’s only logical 🙂 Dang I love science!!!!

  3. That’s not a computer. It is a 3-story office building with a bunch of scientists and mathematicians with laptops locked up inside.

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