Sunshine Products have Mini Pens back in stock

Do you carry a full sized pen in your pocket or gear bag, or do you keep a mini pen on your keychain? If you’re looking for a new mini pen, check out these great looking offerings from Sunshine Products USA. They are available in Titanium, Brass, Aluminum or Stainless Steel with your choice of a Brass, Copper or Aluminum cap that can be attached to a keychain clip. These mini pens use Lamy Pico M22 Refills and are 2 15/16 Inches with the cap and 3 9/16 Inches when extended. The Titanium version will set you back a whopping $225, but the other versions are only $60-$65 depending on the cap type and style.

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  • Jerry March 27, 2011, 1:44 pm

    Frank’s pens are great, I ordered the aluminum version. He’s making a Fisher refill version next, but I’ve had issues (being a lefty) with the Fisher smudging.

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