Panasonic demonstrates solar-power table with QI wireless charging technology

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The wireless power consortium is trying to drive a standard for wireless charging, called QI wireless charging. The goal is to enable a future where there is no need to connect your gadget to any cable for charging. Panasonic took advantage of the security show in Japan to show a solar power table with QI wireless charging capability. You can put your cellphone, camera or any other gadget with QI enable battery on one of the four charging pads, and the table will convert the sun light to electricity and charge your device. Panasonic is planning to offer this table for sale by the end of 2011/early 2012. Expect to see more products with QI wireless charging capabilities in the coming months. I wouldn’t mind to have wireless charging using solar panels capability in my car.

More details on QI wireless charging technology can found in the wireless power consortium site.

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