Circus Ponies NoteBook for iPad

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There are a lot of note-taking apps for iPad, including the free one that came with the device.  But the Circus Ponies NoteBook app for iPad promises to let you take notes the way you would on paper.  You can use multiple fonts and colors to highlight certain points.  You can even use a “highlighter” to make certain notes stand out.  You can add sketches or diagrams to your notes using the application’s pre-built collection of shapes and line types or just use your finger to draw.  You can attach files to your notes, so class or meeting handouts stay with your own notes.  You can make notes on top of PDFs of class handouts or lecture slides.  You can even make an audio recording of the lecture that’s keyed to your notes; tapping on a note starts playback at that point.  Finding your notes later is easy because of the notebook-like organization method.  The Circus Ponies NoteBook for iPad requires iOS 3.2 or later, and it is $29.99 in the iTunes app store.

3 thoughts on “Circus Ponies NoteBook for iPad”

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  2. The only problem with this? The $30 price tag went straight to my brain and said, “Forget this”.

    The makers of this software are still living in the old world, where you have to box something up and deal with retailers and all the other things that make a $29.99 price tag necessary. That was then people. This is now. No overhead, no retail brick and mortar, no return credits. Shit, not even a try before you buy!

    So, in this new world, you make up for lower prices with Volume Volume Volume!. Seriously. If this were priced at a reasonable $4.99, I’d be using it right now and not writing this comment. And so would 20 times the number of people who look at the $30 price tag and say, “ok, I’ll buy”.

    You guys need to take a look at the new market that has been created by the iPhone and iPad app and the new pricing structure that has developed from it. Millionaires have been made at 99cents. Millions of 99cent sales that is.

    $29.99 is a dinosaur price. You’ll be lucky to sell 10,000.

  3. 3rding the like…notetaker HD is the best note app I’ve used. It does ink, pics, text, vector objects, and the ink has a “zoom in” box like some old palm apps and only 4.99.

    Granted I probably spent $30 buying apps to find NTHD

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