Talk to the Hand with the Earzee Bluetooth Wristband

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If you’ve tried Bluetooth headsets and speaker phones before and didn’t find them to your liking, I have another option to try for hands free calls. It’s the Earzee Bluetooth Wristband from MobileFun. This wristband pairs with your phone and vibrates when it detects a call. You can then pull the earphone speaker between your fingers, hold your hand up to your ear and talk into your wrist. It’s a toss up as to whether people will think you’re with the secret service, or crazy. The Stretch Earzee Bluetooth Wristband is available now for £19.99 ($32.32).

6 thoughts on “Talk to the Hand with the Earzee Bluetooth Wristband”

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  2. You’ll look like Gary Owens in Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In! (yes, showing my age!)

    Better that walking around talking to yourself. They use to put people in the funny farm for that!!!!!

  3. If you had to hold your hand to your ear to use this then why not just hold the phone to your ear? The whole idea of having a bluetooth headset is to have your hands free. This kind of defeats the purpose.

  4. I wear a headset because my town has a hands-free law. I’ve found there are times when I like using the headset even when I’m not driving. Those times are when I like to have my hands free. This product offers nothing over holding a phone to my ear.

  5. I’ve been wearing BT headsets, since they first came on the scene. I wouldn’t use a phone without one, but this device just baffles me.

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