Clickfree Introduces New Clickfree Wireless Backup Drive

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Clickfree Wireless

We all know that backing up our computer’s hard drive contents is a must do operation. That said, how many you out there actually do it? The better question is how many of you aren’t doing it? Not backing up your data (pictures, documents, videos, etc.) is like playing Russian roulette. You might never get “lucky”, but chances are good that you will and that’s the kind of luck you don’t want. Why is it that most of us do NOT backup our data? The number 1 reason is probably because it’s a hassle to setup. The new Clickfree Wireless backup system takes away the hassle. Just plug this wireless drive into each computer (PCs or Macs) on your network to perform an initial backup. All settings will be found and configured, and subsequent backups will be done automatically using 802.11n wireless. The Clickfree drive can be placed anywhere in the home, and does not need to be plugged in to any of the computers for it to continue backing up and safeguarding your data. Clickfree Wireless Backup is available now online from The MSRP for a 500GB is $179 and 1TB is $249. Larger capacities will be available in Q1 2011.

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