JaDu Skadoosh iPad Stand Review

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jadu skadoosh frontsideApple creates many very well designed and highly polished devices…..true tech-candy. This is especially true since Apple has gone all glass and aluminum in their products. The iPad is one of their latest (and most desired) products, already selling millions of tablets world-wide. Whenever possible, I like my accessories to match my Apple product’s tech-polish. Since purchasing my iPad, I have been looking for a worthy stand to not only support my iPad but highlight its beauty as well. So after much searching, the iPad stand that most caught my eye was Skadoosh Stand from JaDu Industries.

The Skadoosh is a nicely engineered, (nearly) 100% aluminum iPad stand that securely holds your device at numerous angles.  Although, in addition to silver, the Skadoosh comes in black and black/silver Waterdrop.

jadu skadoosh contents2

JaDu shipped my the Skadoosh in a relatively simple velvet/cloth bag (within a standard USPS box). They also included a letter explaining the facts behind why they do not have a box or packaging for this iPad stand yet (and may never). Bottom line is to be more green and environmentally conscience. JaDu Industries is a new company located here in Washington State. So far their only creation/product is the Skadoosh.

jadu skadoosh foldedup

As you can see, other than the plastic ‘rocker’, the Skadoosh is constructed of finely machined aircraft aluminum. This picture captures the stand in its most compact state. The folded Skadoosh is only 4.75” long, 3” of wide, 1.625” high and weights approximately 8 ounces.

jadu skadoosh frontsideup

To make the Skadoosh more stable, JaDu engineered a foot that folds out from underneath the stand to add stability no matter what angle you use the iPad. To add further support, JaDu also includes a backrest to reduce the stress on the base of the iPad.

jadu skadoosh sideshot

The iPad sits within the plastic ‘rocker’. The rocker can accommodate iPads in cases of moderate bulk, like the case from Apple. According to JaDu, ‘The Skadoosh can handle cases that add up to 3mm (1/8 inch) to the thickness of the iPad along the edges.’ Here is the compatibility case list provided by JaDu.

jadu skadoosh orings

The backrest arm adds strength and support for your iPad at the more extreme angles. The arm has two o-rings that keeps the iPad from touching or being scratched by the backrest.

jadu skadoosh angles

The Skadoosh is capable of ratcheting to change the iPad’s viewing angle, from nearly vertical to almost horizontal. So flat that it can be tilted back to hold the iPad so that you can type on its virtual keyboard. There is a button on the front left of the base that allows you to release the lock and adjust the angle.

jadu skadoosh buttons

There is a cutout in the middle of the plastic rocker seat allowing access to the iPad’s Home button.

jadu skadoosh pluggedin

JaDu has engineered a cut-through which enables you to connect the iPad’s sync/power while the device is sitting vertically.

jadu skadoosh wkeyboard smOverall, I really like the Skadoosh by JaDu. It is a nicely designed, well engineered stand for the iPad. Constructed of choice materials with excellent build quality. It’s ability to fold up and hold the iPad at such extreme angles makes it the most versatile iPad stand I have seen thus far. At $100 it is not inexpensive but definitely not the most expensive stand out there either. Of the high-end, aluminum iPad stands (more and more are being created/released all the time) it might even be considered moderately priced ;).

UPDATE: Since I originally drafted this review, JaDu Industries has lowered the price of the Skadoosh to $70. This 30 percent price drop makes the cost of this portable iPad stand a lot more cost effective and definitely a better bang for the buck…..

so low on the surface of a table that it can be tilted back to serve as a keyboard

Product Information

Manufacturer:JaDu Industries
  • - Great engineering and materials
  • - Compact and relatively lightweight
  • - Can be locked to a large number of angles
  • - Holds your iPad securely both horizontally and vertically
  • - A bit expensive

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  2. Dave, nice job on the review but I have to say at $100, or now even $70, that is still too high a price for an iPad stand. I like everything about it, but in the end….it’s just a stand. I use the Griffin Loop and it does a fabulous job. It’s small and solid, easy to travel with, and holds the iPad in the two most logical positions for viewing or digital typing. It cost me $16 on Black Friday. I could see something like this at $40-50, but no more.

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