Live iPad music session

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ipad musicLast night the folks from the Carphone Warehouse in London invited rapper Tinchy Stryder to their store and challenged him to perform his music on eleven iPads. You can see the video of that performance here. I love seeing stuff like this. It makes me want to try every iPad music app in the App Store and try to create my own songs. Check the notes on the YouTube video for a list of the apps that they used. Hmmm, I just had an idea for our family Christmas party. I wonder if I can talk Jeanne into performing a song with me on my iPad, iPhone(s) and an iPod Touch. 🙂

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  2. There are a few things fishy in that Carphone Warehouse video.

    Do they really open up *new* iPads from the back of the store? Seems to me that is either stealing from the store stock or they’re going to resell used stuff.

    It takes a bit of time to register the iPads and then download those apps. Not shown in the video.

    Plus, those apps take a bit of time to learn how to use. Not shown in the video.

    Everyone is too good for having never played the apps together. Can you say “shills”?

    I love the concept of playing music on the iPads, but I wish they had been more honest about it.

    1. @Sandee You can tell that the video was directed and somewhat staged for better production value. But according to the guy PR guy that sent me the link, they only used iPad instruments to make the music. It wasn’t meant to portray a first time experience with the various apps.

      @Janet Great link! Have you seen this one:

  3. Thanks @Julie for the info.

    My partner and I were talking about last year when we took out our iPhones and shook the Jingle Bells app in time with the Salvation Army band in front of the Rockefeller Center tree.

    They loved us as we got more donations for them.

  4. @Janet: I’m a big fan of TSO, and quite the amateur musician/composer myself. The music this “iBand” produces is something one can create in a sequencer (like Cubase) within several hours. And if I use some samples, I could play this live on my keyboard within minutes. One or two leads, a bass line, and some drums/percussion. Quite standard.

    TSO performances are IMHO totally incomparable to this “iBand”.
    Although I have to admit it’s an original use of an iPad.

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