Three New LED Watches from TokyoFlash

Is a watch’s high-tech style as important to you as its ability to show the time?   Do colorful LED displays make you happy?  If so, the three new watches offered by TokyoFlash Japan may quickly find their way onto your Christmas wish list.  These three Kisai watches all feature a plastic case and PU strap (glossy with matte accents) designed to fit a wrist 100-200 mm (about 4″-8″).  The watch case is 34 X 46 X 12 mm (about 1.4 X 1.75 X 0.4 inches).  All styles are available in either black or white.  The Light Speed, Transit, and Joypad all use LEDs to display the time, and there’s an LED animation option to add even more pizazz.  The watches have USB-rechargeable batteries;  charging for 3.5 hours gives you about a month of power.  The batteries can be recharged 300 times and are replaceable.  These watches may prove a little easier than are some watches of this type to tell time with because they have some actual numbers showing on the faces.  The Kisai Light Speed is available from TokyoFlash for $81.92. The Kisai Transit and Kisai Joypad are each $93.79.

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