Titanium Innovations IlluminaTi Flashlight

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Titanium Innovations IlluminaTi flashlightThis little beauty would be the perfect small flashlight for your everyday-carry kit.  The Titanium Innovations IlluminaTi from Battery Junction has a machined titanium body (Grade 2) with extensive knurling for a secure grip.  It’s 2.66″ long X .56″ in diameter and weighs .49 ounces.  It uses a Cree XP-G R5 1B LED and an OP reflector.  The IlluminaTi’s twist switch cycles through low power, medium, high power to preserve your night vision.  Output is 3 Lumens (24+ hours of use), 30 Lumens (4+ hours), or 115 Lumens (1+ hour of use).  The flashlight comes with a pocket clip and a keychain, and it can even tail-stand for hands-free use.  The Titanium Innovations IlluminaTi uses any common AAA battery (except for 10440 lithium-ion batteries, which will over-drive the LED), and it comes with the Engergizer L92 AAA, which is the recommended battery for optimum use.  The regular price is $64.95, but the sale price is currently $49.95.

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  2. Phew — that’s a pretty steep price for a pocket LED flashlight. I recommend instead the Fenix E01 for around $12. It’s very bright, it’s well made of aluminum, it offers a constant brightness circuit — and it comes in a variety of nifty colors. You can put the money you save toward your next computer…

  3. “machined titanium body” sounds like this would be rugged and last a spell longer than some of the cheaper Aluminum ones you see on the market; I had one where the threads stripped when I first replaced the battery 🙁

  4. Bob, I’ve had the Fenix E01 for two years now, and it looks and works like new. I should have mentioned that it’s made of “aircraft aluminum,” whatever that is, and it gives every indication of being a quality product.

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