Go Smart Clip helps keep your hands at 10 and 2

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go smartclip

Why haven’t we seen something like this before? The Go Smart Clip is an adjustable holder that places your smartphone exactly where you can see it. Right in the center of your steering wheel. It’s designed to accommodate almost any smartphone that is between 4″ (100mm) to 5″ (125mm) tall and less than 0.75″ (20mm) thick and can be used with any car that has a conventional steering wheel. The Smart Clip is available in Red or Black and can be purchased individually for $25.95 or in packs of 2 for $39.95 from Amazon starting Dec 1st. I’d love to try this with my Droid X!

16 thoughts on “Go Smart Clip helps keep your hands at 10 and 2”

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  2. Unless you’ve got a dedicated GPS driver app, it is dangerous to use the ordinary GPS apps built into most smart phones as a driving aid.

    Take it off the steering wheel and put it away. If you need driving instructions, pull off the road to read the app. Or get a real driving GPS with voice directions which are better.

    And like Dan said. Your airbag is going to cause a problem if it deploys.

  3. “Why haven’t we seen something like this before?” – because it’s stupid!
    My phone would go freaky switching from portrait to landscape and back several times a curve. And my neck or visual cortex would break following the odd reading angles.
    But after airbag-lauch, my head would be the first with an iPhone docking slot, and I would probably make it into an gadgeteer review!

    (Julie, absolutely no offense meant, I just had to vent it out.)

  4. Let’s see – this contraption is suspended from the top part of the steering wheel, it’s not fixed in any way at all. Apart from the safety concerns already raised, I’d think this will flap around uncontrollably when you turn the wheel. Stupid, IMO.
    Get a proper phone mount if you must have your phone in view.

  5. To join in on the generqal opinion, this device is illegal in California, a state where you legally have to be using your cell phone 100% of the time. If your car has voice recognition driving, use that instead.

  6. @Airbag people
    If the air bag deployed, because of the way it looks to be attached to the wheel, it would be pushed up and over the steering wheel before your face would ever hit it.

    Now as for the design, I would say I would have like it better if it could go to a smaller size because clipping that sucker on to watch some videos in portrait mode when waiting in a parking lot would be awesome.

  7. Actually, I’d like to know if the iPhone, with a clip, is light enough to clip onto a sun visor.

    Then, it could store out of the way while driving with the speakerphone for answering the phone. (Having pulled over first)

    And then, the clip on the sun visor would make it possible to watch movies in the parking lot. (Engine OFF!)

  8. @airbag:
    the steering wheel on the image doesn’t seem to have an airbag.
    with mine I would definitely end up having a smartphone branded face.

  9. I looked at the design and it seems that it will not flop around as some one mentioned on here, I will have to order it and find out as I would like something like this and I was not sure about the legality of this clip in California so I asked my CHP friend and he said as long as it is not in your hand he cant do much about it. Do they have one in Green ? Julie, Can I get a Free as well ???

  10. Some of you will think I am the dumb one as I did buy one of these. Actually I ended up with two because Amazon was offering a buy-one-get-one-free deal for around $25.00 total. I saw the article on here, so I decided to get one to try it out. I like it. It is fully adjustable and holds my G2 in place, with no flopping around, no matter which way I turn the steering wheel. You can turn it completely upside down and it doesn’t budge.

    As far as an airbag is concerned, if you clip it to the top of your steering wheel (depending on the type of steering wheel you have) and not over the center where most airbags are, you wouldn’t end up with a smartphone-branded face because it would simply be pushed up and over the wheel as the airbag deploys.

    My commute to and from work involves many long stoplights and this device helps me to keep my hands free because it holds the phone in place.

    For those of you who think your phone would go crazy from portrait to landscape on a curve–turn the auto change setting off.

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