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If you have a lot of books that you aren’t interested in keeping and you’d like to read a lot of other books without buying them or going to the local library, you should check out BooksFreeSwap.  To get started, you simply list all your books by ISBN.  Hardcovers, paperbacks, kids books, textbooks, and audiobooks can all be swapped.  You’ll print shipping labels online at no cost to you; the recipient will pay shipping costs.  You’ll create a list of books you want, and the service will find someone with the books you want.  You’ll only pay shipping on the books you receive.  There are no other fees associated with the service, and you aren’t restricted to a one-to-one swap.  It’s free to join, and you can start browsing books today.

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  2. There is also You list the books you have. When you list your first 10 you get 2 credits. You can use credits to request books from other people. The shipper pays for shipping, but then they get a credit they can use to request a book. If you print and pay for shipping on the site, you get the credit right away, otherwise you get it when the receiver says they got the book.

    You can have a wish list and when a book becomes available, a hold is placed on it and it gives you the option to request it.

  3. I love I’ve been a member of that site for about a year now and can’t say enough good things about it. I have told everyone I know that likes to read about it. And if you have a book on your wish list that you don’t want to wait for you can always buy it at a hugely discounted rate in the PBS store. 🙂

  4. Paperback swap has just instituted a $20 annual fee for memberhip. I have used the site for several years, but now I am very disappointed and in search of a truly FREE swap service. Looking for recommendations.

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