FlipSide 2X Wallet Review

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When it comes to wallets, do you consider yourself a traditionalist or modernist? Traditionalists tend to choose wallets made of leather, nylon or canvas style materials, while modernists are up for plastic, stainless steel, sailcloth, tyvek and more. I would place my own wallet preferences somewhere in the middle of the two. I love leather, but I’m always interested in trying new ways of carrying my money and credit cards. The Flipside 2x Wallet is definitely a modern take on this age old every day carry product.

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Flipside isn’t new to the wallet game. We reviewed their Flipside 2 wallet last summer.

The Flipside 2x is available in 4 colors: Orange, White, Blue and Black. As you can see from the photos, they sent me the Orange version.

The first thing I noticed was that the plastic on the 2x feels slightly more robust than the plastic used to construct the previous version. It’s still flexible so that it shouldn’t crack if you place it in your back pocket. I wouldn’t advise you to carry this wallet (or any other wallet for that matter) in your back pocket though. It’s not a good idea to sit on something that hard all that time.

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If you flip the wallet over, you’ll notice the new removable card clip which has been designed to hold business cards and/or receipts.

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The 2x retains the spring loaded latch that when pressed will automatically cause the cover to flip open, ready for use. The latch is slightly larger, which allowed the cover to easily pop open. The previous version would sometimes get hung up on the flesh of your thumb and not pop open until you adjusted moved slightly.

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Inside you’ll find 3 storage areas for your cards and cash. The clip on the inside of the top cover can hold 3 cards of standard thickness (like your driver’s license or credit card).

The center section had a storage area on either side. One side can hold 3 cards…

flipside 2x 4

While the opposite side holds one card for quick retrieval. It’s important to note that the to main storage areas (that each hold 3 cards) are the only slots that are RFID shielded and protected from de-magnetization. The slot that holds just one card is not RFID protected.

The back cover has a built in money clip that can hold up to 12 dollar bills.

flipside 2x 6

Time to load er up!  I have been using the Waterfield Wallet for years now. Here are most of the contents of that wallet.

12 dollar bills
5 business cards
5 thick plastic credit cards (drivers license and credit cards)
6 thinner cards (like store cards, insurance cards, etc)

flipside 2x 7

The Flipside 2x is able to hold more than 7 cards depending on the thickness of those cards. Instead of 7 cards, I was able to store a total of 11 cards.

flipside 2x 9

The cards are held in place with friction. Even if you only store one card in each slot, they won’t fall out.

flipside 2x 20

Removing the top card is as easy as sliding it up and out of the slot with your thumb.

The only issue I found is that it’s hard to remove cards below the top card, without removing the whole stack of cards in that slot.

flipside 2x 8

Accessing your cash is simple though with the built in money clip.

flipside 2x 10

I was able to store 5 business cards in the external clip.

I mentioned earlier that I use the Waterfield zippered wallet. While I was able to move almost everything from it over to the Flipside 2x, I did end up running out of room. There were a few credit cards that wouldn’t fit, along with 2 mini discount store cards and a few folded up checks that I have been carrying around for a few days until I can get to the bank to deposit them. I also had a few coins in the bottom of the wallet that the Flipside won’t hold. That’s one issue that I can see with the Flipside vs. a conventional wallet. Conventional wallets are usually able to expand to hold more items because they are made of softer materials.  I’ve even used my Waterfield wallet to hold my phone before. The Flipside on the other hand,  has a set storage capacity. Which is not exactly a bad thing. It causes you to think about what you really need to carry with you. If I’m honest, half the cards I have in my wallet have never been used.

The Flipside 2x does turn heads. I’ve had several people see mine and ask about it. As soon as I press the latch and they see it pop open, their eyes light up.

When it comes down to it, I think the Flipside 2x wallet is a very nice update to the original Flipside 2. It’s made better, opens easier, has a 3 card slot, an improved cash slot and a new external business card clip. All that and the price has remained unchanged. For those of you that are looking for a new and unique wallet to add to your EDC (every day carry), you should definitely check out the Flipside 2x. Even if you’re a traditionalist… it might just turn you into a modernist.


Product Information

  • Holds 7 credit cards and 12 bills
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to open
  • Protects from RFID theft and de-magnetizing
  • Difficult to remove cards that aren't on top

23 thoughts on “FlipSide 2X Wallet Review”

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  2. i received my stealth/black on in the mail a couple weeks ago and have several observations…
    – black colour is *meh* because it lacks the same 2-tone action as your orange/black-accented version. Also, the black shows scratches very easily. I have since added some carbon fiber accents (3M di-noc vinyl) to spruce it up a bit.
    – canadian bills/currency is a bit wider, and thus cannot be inserted the same manner…i have to spend extra time to fold into thirds and insert them in sideways.
    @Julie, not sure about your sample, but mine definately doesn’t pass the gadgeteer creak-test. I would not recommend anyone using this as a back-pocket wallet.
    + excellent one-year warrantee… good thing, because the hinges are a bit suspect.
    + nice and stream-lined wallet, tho i wouldn’t mind it to be a bit thicker if it meant that they can fit in an extra flap for cards 🙂

    1. @anson Had you tried their previous version? The 2x is much much better in my opinion. I didn’t perform a gadgeteer squeeze test on this particular product… Since it’s made of semi-flexible plastic, I knew it wouldn’t pass. I also didn’t consider other currency sizes… That would be an issue. I would not want to have to fold my money in a special way to put in this wallet. That would be too much of a hassle.

      @jackie I think the wallet would survive being sat on as long as you aren’t very heavy and you don’t wear your pants overly tight. I still don’t think it’s a good idea to do so though.

  3. I’m a back pocket wallet type of guy. I can use this during winter when I can put the wallet in a coat pocket or something. Just curious…Would this survive being sat on?

  4. @Julie, haven’t tried the previous version. Alternate-folding for currency is a bit of a hassle, but with practice I have it down to an art now 🙂 When I ordered the wallet on-line at flipside homepage, they were nice enough to have a big warning to Canadian’s about their bill size.
    @Jackie, I ordered a second wallet for my co-worker (to save on shipping) and he is a back-pocket toter. On one occasion he mentioned hearing a crack… but thru further inspection, no damage was done.

    From my experiences if i insert my card into the (non-shielded compartment) too far inward- i do occasionally hear a crack/snap when closing the flap. This is due to the edge of the card getting clipped by the hinge?

  5. I ordered the blue one a couple weeks ago after reading the earlier review on the Gadgeteer, and I love it. Everybody that sees it asks about it, and wants to know where they can buy one. It fits my needs perfectly, seems very durable, and turns heads. Thanks for the heads up, Gadgeteer…

  6. I’m sorry, maybe I should have rephrased that. I ordered the newest version a couple weeks ago after you posted that it had been released. I guess that wasn’t technically considered a review. I originally ordered the blue one, because it was the only one available. I went ahead and ordered the black one yesterday, as all my daily carry stuff is black, and if it doesn’t match it bothers me. The blue one will be used to hold my non daily carry cards in my glove box. Overall I’m extremely pleased with the Flipside 2. It is built very well, and is exactly what I was looking for in a wallet. Plus, every time I flip it open, people stare at it, and inquire about it. Nothing warms a gadget freak’s heart more than having somebody covet one of their gadgets…

  7. I bought the previous version of the FlipSide wallet. I’m now sorry I did. The outer part of the wallet was a piece of nylon(?) fabric stretched on the outside. The edges of the fabric are not seamed or finished in any way. After only a few months of use, those edges started fraying. FlipSide says that the only thing that is covered under warranty are the hinge and locking mechanisms. They would not replace or even offer to fix the wallet. I spent $40.00 on this puppy … and feel ripped off. They did offer a whopping $5.00 credit towards another $40.00 wallet (+ shipping). Gee thanks!

    When a company does not stand behind a product 100% … what does that say about the product, and the company?

    I’ll never buy another wallet from them!

  8. Mine was even worse…the fabric pulled out of the frame on one side. The only thing holding it there were two tiny screws and a millimeter of fabric. They would give me NOTHING for it, even though they admitted that they discontinued it, they would take no responsibility for the design flaw. That being said…THIS wallet is a whole different ballgame.

  9. The Flipside Wallet is actually no better in quality than the Aluma Wallet I have found. I did an RFID test on this puppy and I wasn’t surprised to discover Flipside didn’t protect my credit card from scanning any better than Aluma Wallet did. It’s interesting, but for what it’s advertised to do … it doesn’t. Consumer Reports said the same thing. A homemade tin foil sleeve around my credit card in my regular leather wallet worked better. So, I was disappointed with my blue Flipside 2X. I just use it to hold business cards now.

  10. Mine has a crack near the flipside logo. I just got it in the mail and noticed. I emailed the company, said this was “normal.” So, how many other people have a faint crack on the front case???

  11. Julie:

    I too use the Waterfield wallet now, and am curious if you went back to it or did you stick with the Flipside?

  12. Betan–I actually got that Aluma wallet first, was extremely dissapointed by its horrible quality and cheapness.

    HOWEVER, i then bought the Flipside 2X Wallet and must say its quality and design is WAY better than the alumawallet–how can you even compare the two?

    And the RFID shielding on the Flipside is great–it won’t scan my cards even when i hold it up to directly to several different scanners–i think you might be mistaken or are not using the wallet properly.

  13. I’ve been using the 2X in Mech Grey since 1/1 (25 days). It works great. I keep my work ID in the single card slot to open doors. (If I put it in the shielded area, no go.) I always was a front pocket user, so sturdiness is not a major factor. Also, I always kept my bills in a separate money clip, so use that area for receipts when shopping. Shipping & handling is another issue entirely; do they really feel justified charging USD 7.70 to ship in an envelope, when the USPS gives out free small flat rate boxes that cost US $5 (online rate when I ordered, now 5.15) to ship anywhere in the US.

  14. Just got mine. THIS thing is worth $40? Yikes, it looks like a $5 wallet. Plastic is too thick, this thing is fatter than my $10 wallet I bought at Target a long time ago.
    The money clip is made with cheap flimsy plastic.

  15. Mark Rosengarten

    Had mine for nearly two years of hard use, not so much as a scratch on it, it’s rock solid. Maybe it’s not for you, Pablo, but everyone who has seen my wallet wants to get one. Best wallet I’ve ever owned.

  16. I have had my flipside for over a month and I love it. I don’t think I will ever go back to a leather wallet again. It is a attention getter for sure. I am constantly asked about it. I think the quality is great. If you compare it to the alumawallet there is no question the flip side is better.

  17. The BIG issue on the Flipside 2X is its ability to block RFID.

    Has an independent testing been done to assure us that this wallet is effective in completely blocking RFID?

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