PhoneSuit Primo and Primo Cube Review

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Remember 10 years ago when your phone just made calls only and the battery lasted for days?  Well you won’t see that happening nowadays when we all have smart-phones with nice big colorful screens!  I recently upgraded to a Blackberry Torch 9800 and the stock battery barely lasts me through a work day.  My last phone, iPhone 3G, has to be constantly tethered to the wall outlet to get through the day also.  That’s where the PhoneSuit Primo and Primo Cube batteries come in.

With our phones getting more power hungry, what will happen if you’re away from an outlet and your phone just happens to run out of charge?  If you have an iPhone then the Primo Micro Battery Pack is for you.  If you have any other type of smart-phone that has the micro/mini usb port for charging then the Primo Cube is for you.


Included in the Primo Micro Battery Pack for the iPhone/iPod is the battery, battery cover, mini usb cable, and lanyard.  Included in the Primo Cube is the battery, micro usb cable, and lanyard.



Let’s talk about the Primo Micro Battery Pack for the iPhone/iPod first.  The cover snaps onto the battery to protect the 30-pin dock connector.  The front has 3 led lights that light up to show the remaining charge left in the Primo when plugged in to the iPhone/iPod.


On the back is the mini usb charging port.


The top corner of the cover has a hole for the lanyard to go through.

Primo-Battery-6 Primo-Battery-8

Plugging in to my iPod Touch starts the charge immediately.  The Micro Battery Pack looks thick compared to the slim iPod Touch.  The Primo Micro Battery Pack has a 800mAh lithium-ion battery and provides up to 3 additional hours of talk time to the iPhone 3G/3GS.  I tested a fully charged Micro Battery Pack with a fully drained iPod Touch 2G and it charged it up to 80%.  That is pretty impressive for such a small sized battery.  The Micro Battery Pack sells for $34.95 direct from PhoneSuit.


The Primo Cube is made for all your other non-iDevices that have either a micro or mini usb charging port.  It’s funny that they named it the Cube even though it’s not physically a cube at all.  The top face of the Cube has a nice mirror finish to it.


The bottom of the Cube has both a micro and mini charging port.  Only a micro usb cable is provided with the Cube.


On the top corner of the Cube is the hole for the lanyard.


On the back is where the magic happens.  Located under a plastic protective flap are both the micro and mini usb connectors that will be used to charge your smart-phones.


The micro and mini usb connectors can swing out and to the side of the Cube.


Plugging in the micro usb connector to my Blackberry Torch starts the charge.  It also lights up 4 arrows which shows the remaining charge left on the Cube.  The Cube sells for $39.95 direct from PhoneSuit.

Pricing is pretty reasonable for a portable charger for your devices.  I personally use the Primo Cube daily with my Blackberry since I use it heavily and need the Cube to top off my battery mid-day.


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Price:$34.95 - $39.95
  • Portable power on the go
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  2. Ok, this worked well the first 6 months, now less than a year later, its not working well…it won’t fully charge or discharge… Company has ignored phone calls and emails… sooooo apparently they do not stand behind the 0ne year warranty on their website, so stay away if you hope to get any service, go buy a different product that has better service.

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