Edifier Offers Better Sound to Laptop Owners

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edifier soundbarLaptop speakers aren’t typically known for sounding all that great. You could always add a pair of big boxy speakers that plugin to headphone jacks… If that doesn’t appeal to you, Edifier is offering a more elegant solution with their USB Soundbar Speaker. It features magnetically shielded drivers, efficient bass-reflex design, two 3-inch woofers and two 1-inch tweeters, along with a built-in amplifier. I also has a classy aluminum casing and a one button volume adjuster. The USB Soundbar is compatible with Macs and PCs. It will be priced at $49.00 and will be available in  December at Apple’s online store.

8 thoughts on “Edifier Offers Better Sound to Laptop Owners”

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  2. This speaker bar looks interesting, but I see that it blocks the top row — or at least the function buttons — on a laptop keyboard. I wonder why the manufacturer didn’t consider having it clip to the top of the screen, like the Insignia speaker. Perhaps it’s too heavy, and would make the screen fall back. At least I wish I could hear one of these in action. Maybe you guys could review one and compare it to the Insignia or other laptop USB speakers?

  3. My concern is actually more about accidentally closing my laptop with the speakers still there. With enough force and repetition, I could damage the hinge of my laptop or placing unnecessary pressure on the screen. I don’t trust myself enough to always remember it’s there before closing my laptop.

  4. @Julie: Where else can we place that speaker? Due to its form factor, placing it to the left, right, or behind of the laptop does not make sense. I wonder if it comes with hardware for clipping it at the top of the screen, which might block the webcam. In my opinion: bad form factor.

  5. I suppose you could place it in front of your keyboard but I think it loses some of it’s effectiveness there with your arms constantly over it and with the sound pointing more towards my sternum than my head.

    I think the suggested placement in the photo makes the most sense. Again… I just don’t trust myself enough to not do something stupid.

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