Apple iPad Dock Review


Apple has docks for all their iDevices.  So obviously they created a new dock for the iPad as well.  It’s priced at $29 direct from Apple.


It comes with the standard instruction manuals and fine prints.


On the back, there’s the standard dock connector and an audio line out port.


The base has a plastic grip to prevent it from sliding around the table.

It fits the iPad perfectly.  That is if the iPad is totally naked without any protective case.


Personally I use the NuGuard Clear Case for the iPad and it barely fits in the slot.  It felt like a very tight squeeze and I was afraid that I would break the dock connector port on the iPad.  Another problem I found with the iPad dock is that the iPad tends to sway left and right if you tap on the screen.

The Apple iPad Dock would be good for people that don’t have any case to protect their iPad.  But I won’t suggest it if you use any type of case.  It would be better if the Apple engineers thought of the case problem and designed the dock to have a resizable slot like the one that PowerMat provides for the iPod.

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Product Information

  • Good for a naked iPad
  • Doesn't work with iPad cases

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  2. I don’t usually like docks for my devices; just using a cord takes up a lot less space. That said, I’ve been having trouble finding a good place to charge my iPad because it has a fairly large footprint when laid flat; this would be good for me because it holds the device upright.

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