Newer Technology NuGuard iPad Case Review

Got a brand new iPad and afraid to get that aluminum backing scratched?  There’s a case for that!  I was sent 2 cases from Newer Technology.  One is a Blue premium silicone protective casing and the other is a hard shell clear case.

The premium silicone protective casing comes in 6 colors: Green, Blue, Red, Orange, Black and Arctic Frost.  The silicone case is easy to slip on and the silicone feels smooth to the touch.  The silicone protects the iPad from scratches, bumps, and dust.

NuGuard-3 NuGuard-4 NuGuard-5
There are cutouts for the home button, dock connector, speaker, on/off button, headphone jack, screen rotation switch and the volume button.

On the back, there are 2 vertical depressions that provide a good grip for your fingers when held in portrait mode.  The Newer Technology logo is on the back top also.

NuGuard-7 NuGuard-12
Personally I don’t like silicone cases in general.  That’s why I’m currently using the other case that Newer Technology sent me.  The clear hard shell protective case is made up of a transparent polycarbonate shell that protects the iPad from impacts and provides the maximum protection from scratches, dirt, and oils.  It was easy to install by just snapping the case on to the back of the iPad.

NuGuard-8 NuGuard-9 NuGuard-10
The clear hard shell protective case provides the same open slots as the silicone one in addition to an extra opening on the left side.


The 1.25” opening was strange to me because there are no ports or switches in that location.  There is the SIM card slot for the iPad 3G but that’s about an inch lower than the opening.  So I emailed the PR people and got this reply:

I have checked with our product people , and the reason I am hearing for the cutout is that most of the case designs we looked at had a cut out in about the same place, as a planned, future-ready space for a dock. It also gives another spot  for a little extra room  for your fingers to get the iPad in and out.

The Premium Silicone Protective Case costs $17.99 and the Hard Shell Protective Case costs $24.99.  Both are a great deal at that price.  And a must have for iPad owners!


Product Information

Price:Premium Silicone Casing $17.99 Hard Shell Casing $24.99
Manufacturer:Newer Technology
  • Provides great protection
  • Slim
  • Great price
  • none

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  2. Jackie,

    Does the clear plastic case fit the back of the ipad snug? Or is there some play between the clear plastic and the aluminum iPad shell?

  3. The hard shell looks pretty good. Not as nice as the SwitchEasy Nude which is just that…. nude. No screen printed logo. That being said Newer Tech’s reason for the misplaced SIM card is great. Nice corporate-speak. Future ready space for a dock? Okay so I’m going to drop >$500 on this new iPad but damned if I’m giving up this case. Thank goodness it’s future proof.

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