Nymgo VOIP Service Announces 30 Minutes of International Calls for Less Than a Quarter

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Nymgo is a VOIP provider based in the UK, but they provide service for customers world-wide.  You simply download their software, then you can use your computer to make calls for less than a penny per minute.  You can call within the US, or from anywhere to the US, for $0.008/minute.  Nymgo provides service to many other countries around the world with similar very low rates.  The best part about service from Nymgo is there are no hidden charges – no sign-up fees, taxes, or monthly service charges.  It’s pay-as-you-go;  you pay only for the minutes you talk and nothing else.  (Call times will be rounded up to the next full minute.)  You’ll need Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista and certain other hardware requirements.  Learn more at the Nymgo website.

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