SkinAT Classic Apple Decal Review

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The first Apple logo was designed by Ronald Wayne back in 1976.  It shows Isaac Newton sitting under a tree with an apple dangling on a branch.  Obviously that logo didn’t last long before it was replaced by another logo which we all considered as the “classic” logo or the rainbow logo.


I have fond memories of my first computer which was an Apple IIe.  Back then I thought it was a pretty simple and nicely designed logo.


Flash forward to 2010.  The iPad just came out not too long ago with a nice modern reflective Apple logo on the back.  And it got me thinking.  Wish I could give it a retro look to it.  I was checking out Etsy and found the perfect retro Apple logo sticker decal for my iPad.  For $3.50, it was a bargain to give my iPad a more custom retro look to it.






It was pretty simple to peel and stick.  The decal is precision cut to fit perfectly and is made from self-adhesive 3M vinyl sticker.  The sticker comes in 2 pieces, the apple body and the leaf.  It also comes with a sticker for the SkinAT logo, which is the perfect size to stick onto the “end call” feature of the iPhone 4.


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  2. Ahh yes, the old apple’s. I remember hacking the snot out of them. Nothing like you’re mom comming in the room, catching you sitting in front of the computer holding a soldering iron and spool of wire. OK so I wan’t your typical teenager.

  3. there is a nice tie die one i have had from etsy from a guy in china – very cool love it and it glows nicely on my 17 inch macbook pro and everyone asks me where i got it!

  4. Ken S I was thinking that too! It was way ahead of its time and too expensive. It would be nice to see some of its simple to use technology incorporated into the iPxxx

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