XXD’s Load-Ding Device Organizer

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xxd load ding device organizerStrange name, but the XXD’s Load-Ding Device Organzier from the A+R Store is a compact little charging pocket for small devices.  It’s a flat piece of white plastic with black, red, or pink flocking on one side.  You fold it, as shown in the diagram, to make a pocket that holds your device next to the wall outlet while charging.  Because it’s flat, it’s ideal for use at home or while traveling.  The XXD’s Load-Ding Device Organizer is $15.00.

3 thoughts on “XXD’s Load-Ding Device Organizer”

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  2. RainyDayInterns

    OK…we can’t be the only ones thinking that some of our drunk friends are going to pee in one of these.

    Maybe it is time to get new friends…

  3. There’s so many of these “outlet holders” out there. Not sure about you but I find it weird to have a holder that low to the floor. It might look good for those outlets that are table height like the ones in the bathrooms or kitchen.

  4. Janet Cloninger

    @Jackie Cheng Yes, most of the outlets in my house are at floor level, and they’re usually behind some furniture. The only place I could use them would be at my kitchen counters. I know some poeple who have set up their cell phone chargers on the counters, and these things would help neaten up their areas.

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