Inhale Your Food with Le Whif

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le whif canister1Contrary to your mother’s admonishments, you should inhale your food–or so a Harvard professor would like to prove with his consumption breakthrough:  Le Whif.  Sized and shaped like a container of lipstick, Le Whif holds a supply of flavored particles that when inhaled are small enough not to contain any measurable calories but large enough not to enter the lungs.  Coffee and chocolate are so far the only “foods” that are inhale-able with the device.  The user places one end of the canister in their mouth (like a straw) and inhales, allowing a wave of flavored particles to coat the tongue and mouth.  Le Whif promises a delicious chocolate experience without the calories and a jolt of caffeine without the coffee cup.  Single use containers are available through specialty candy stores across the US or through the European manufacturer for about $2.30 each; current flavors include coffee, chocolate, mint chocolate, and raspberry chocolate.

4 thoughts on “Inhale Your Food with Le Whif”

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  2. Janet Cloninger

    chriszzz, have you ever seen the commedian Sinbad do his routine about joining NutriSystem weight loss organization years ago? They apparently had a little can of chocolate “spray”, like a little can of breath freshener – one little spray was supposed to curb your cravings for chocolate. Sinbad said he was “strung out” on chocolate spray and would lurk in the parking lot at NutriSystem trying to buy extra cans of chocolate spray off everyone. Not so funny sounding typed out here, but it’s a scream when you see him sucking down his chocolate fix…

  3. Interesting product. The website says you only get like 8 inhales per stick. At $2.30 each I would’ve thought you get more inhales than that.
    But they are selling it at a candy store in nyc. I might just get one or two to test out. I’m more curious of the construction and what’s actually inside….lol

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