Teflon & Steel mouse surface for Fierce gaming

Ah, Teflon.  That wonder substance that makes burned, sticky crud slide off pots and pans with ease.  Such ease that Rude Gameware has adapted it for their Fierce Steel and Teflon Mouse Surface so your mouse will float with near frictionless speed during blitzkrieg gaming sessions.  Touting it as the “smoothest mouse surface ever,” it features a real Teflon surface and durable steel core with rubberized base.  It’s also scratch resistant and easy to clean.  $29.95.

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  • The Slapster July 10, 2010, 6:28 pm

    It’s true, Teflon for mousing is amazing! When I was too cheap to buy a decent mousepad, I found a cooking sheet at Target on clearance that was about 16″ square & Teflon coated. It had slightly raised/angled edges so I pounded them down flat & used it for like 3 years.

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