Bayer’s Didget Blood Glucose Monitoring System for Kids

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If you have a child with diabetes, you know how vital frequent blood glucose checks are for his or her health.  However, kids often resist these checks because they hurt.  Bayer has developed the Didget Blood Glucose Monitoring system that gives kids an incentive to do frequent blood checks.  The Didget meter comes with a game cartridge for Nintendo DS or DS lite, and frequent testing and results within the child’s guidelines for high and low readings earns points that unlocks new levels and buys in-game items.  You simply plug the Didget meter into the front slot of the DS with the game in the game slot to transfer the earned points.  You can also register the Didget system with Bayer to give your child access to a password-protected online site where kids can join the community of other young Didgit users and play additional games.  The Didget system uses the standard Contour testing strips from Bayer.  The Didget system is available at a variety of online drugstores for about $75.  Right now, CVS/pharmacy online has the Didget system for $29.99.  (The Didget system does not include the Nintendo DS or DS lite system.)

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