Keep USB cables neat and tidy with Cordies

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We all know that the amount of USB cables that can clog up desk space can be a bit of a nightmare to control sometimes.

There’s nothing worse than unplugging your USB cable, only for it to fall down the back of your desk!

Well, you can take back control of the tangled mess that sits behind your desk and make everything neat and tidy once more, with help from a Cordie.

Made from weighted rubber, Cordies are only 3.5″ wide, however each one has three individual loop spaces that allow you to store your USB cables.  And, you can even stack cables on top of one another inside the loops, or even connect more Cordies together, giving you the edge on keeping your USB cables nice and neat!

They’re available from Firebox in four colours (Blue, Green, Pink and Grey) and cost £12.99 ($19).

5 thoughts on “Keep USB cables neat and tidy with Cordies”

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  2. What keeps the weight of all of those USB cables from pulling the whole bundle down behind the desk? 🙂
    Its weighted rubber, but will it hold up to the weight of several cables hanging of it?

    Those little flat spots on the legs look like a prime spot to drill a mounting hole. 🙂

    cool find…I like em

  3. I like them too but when I went to the website I found they aren’t sold in the US and the UK site doesn’t ship to the US. 🙁

  4. I am sooooo getting this. I hate it when my cords fall behind my desk. I have to use one of those “Grabbers” to get them LOL

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