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When I first got my iPad, I was talking with my husband about my ideal tablet-type device.  Basically, I wanted the iPad to have the docking connector on one of the long sides so I could plug it into what was essentially the bottom of a laptop computer so the iPad would be the screen.  The iPad dock unit would have a hard drive in it for backup/extra storage and a keyboard.  You could use it this way for heavy-duty work, and you could just pop the iPad off and take it with you when you want to travel light.  While I’m waiting for Apple to develop my dream unit (hey Jobs – all I ask is that I get a couple of free units for my idea!), Clamcase has introduced something that may tide me over.

Clamcase say they’ll be offering the “all-in-one Bluetooth Keyboard Case and Stand” for iPad.  It doesn’t use the docking connector, so it is free for charging or other uses.  The iPad fits into a hinge that is adjustable through a variety of angles, and you can even rotate it around and lay it flat to use it in tablet mode.  The Bluetooth keyboard will connect with other HID compliant devices such as Sony Playstation 3, Tivo, and HTPC devices.  There’s no mention of price yet, and Clamcase are saying shipping will begin in Fall 2010.

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  2. Won’t it be awesome if the iPad slide into a dock connector which extends down to the keyboard part that will house a slot for the camera connection kit!!! Make use of the empty space under the palm area!

  3. In recent weeks, we have seem many attempts to “convert” the iPad into a portable laptop. Not only do we see these efforts as folly and doomed to fail, we believe they are a hindrance to the development of a better computing interface.

    Once more folks let go of the screen/keyboard mindset, we will see the more and more of the power of the touch UI unleashed.

    More on this line of thought here…

  4. Janet Cloninger

    @RainyDayInterns I have no interest in turning my iPad into a laptop – I love it just the way it is. I don’t see how the Clamcase for the iPad is any different than a docking station and a monitor for a laptop. Using a dock with a laptop doesn’t mean I wish it were a desktop – it just means that I realize some things are easier that way. Having a portable device and a “docking station” just means that I can make the most of my portable device.

    I don’t see how the Clamcase is really all that different than the docking keyboard offered by Apple – except that you can change the viewing angle of the iPad in the Clamcase. That, and the Clamcase is shiny and black…

  5. Ah…if the case had added more than just a keyboard, then we would agree with you.

    The difference here is a laptop with a docking station and an external monitor can sometimes be even more powerful than some desktop unit…because you get more port, 2 displays, and no need to hook up all those cables.

    A ClamCase really adds nothing to the iPad except for a keyboard and bulk…more the equivalent of putting a laptop INTO a PC case instead of a docking station.

  6. RainyDayInterns

    A year later and after using a bunch of these cases, we may have been COMPLETELY wrong about this product category.

    In fact, we would not be surprised if we see Apple offering something like the ClamCase for the iPad when the processor in the tablet gets powerful enough to replace the Macbook Air.

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