HypnosEye Portable iPhone Projector and Screen Set

hypnoseye projector and screenThe HypnosEye turns your iPhone or iPod touch into a projector.  No external power source is needed.  The HypnosEye uses only the light from the iPhone screen, so it does require a dark environment.  The HypnosEye works with photos or videos.  The projected image size is 17″ to 45″ from a distance of 0.5 to 2 meters.  There is a 19.75″ X 27.5″ screen included in this kit.  They do warn that the projected pictures are likely to be fuzzy at the edges.  The HypnosEye is available from Jzool.com for $109.80.  YouTube has a video showing how the HypnosEye works.

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  2. So it’s basically just a giant magnifying glass thingy? Why not just spend a little more and get a real handheld projector? They work with iPhones. I bought this one from Aaxa and it has been great. http://www.aaxatech.com/products/p2_pico_projector.htm
    I mean how much light can the iPhone itself actually give, and what happens when the iPhone goes into standby mode and turns the screen off?

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