Slim Bluetooth Keyboard for your iPad

Brando is now offering a Slim Bluetooth Keyboard that is compatible with Windows, Mac and various mobile devices including the iPad. $37 will get you a 52 key USB rechargeable Bluetooth keyboard with a footprint approximately 4.5 x 2.5 x 0.5 inches. That’s pretty small for touch typing, but fine for thumb typing. I’ve yet to try a keyboard with my iPad. What about the rest of you?

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  2. I’ve used the Apple BlueTooth keyboard, just to prove that it works, but not for long sessions. The virtual keyboard works extremely well, and is fine for me, since I’m not a touch typist. I do notice that some folks who carefully place their hands on the home row before typing a single letter don’t get on well with the virtual keyboard, however. Don’t think this small replacement would work for touch typists, however. Cool idea, however. I could see using this in your lap, below the table, with your iPad on the table, to keep from drawing attention to your taking notes during a presentation or interview.

  3. @RainyDayInterns – an unexpected advantage of using a hardware keyboard is that you’ve got the whole screen available. The iPad actually prevents the software keyboard from appearing if you’re using an external keyboard.

    Personally I have no problems with the onscreen keyboard, but I could see using a hardware one if I were typing anything longer than an email.

    1. I want a portable keyboard for one reason – writing reviews and longer emails when I travel and decide to leave the Macbook home 🙂

  4. I have both the Stowaway and the Apple Bluetooth keyboards. I prefer the Apple one even though it is larger (though wafer thin).

    If typing speed and accuracy are important, go for the Apple one. I find the Stowaway slows me down when I type numbers, since I have to hit a function key to activate the top row for numerals. Also the Stowaway is less stable when you type on the outer edges, as they “float” above the tabletop when you unfold the two halves.

  5. @rainyday….

    Thanks for the tip…I never thought to try my Stowaway with the iPad…works beautifully and unlike my Palm doesn’t require I install software!

    @chen I have a different model of the Stowaway with a dedicated number row, so I don’t have your problem. Though, typing with it in your lap isn’t nearly as stable (I’d guess) as the Apple Bluetooth keyboard. I’ll take transportability of the folding keyboard, though (and I already own it, so I don’t have to buy anything).

  6. Michael Robichaud

    I’m very interested in trying this. The virtual keyboard is great for single finger typing, but I think I can type much faster with my thumbs.

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