Handcrafted splendour for your iPad

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The masters at Versaudio have created a wonderful wooden case, if you ever fancy using your beloved iPad as a part-time picture frame.

It’s a stunning masterpiece, hand-crafted from solid woods and bamboo, reinforced with steel in order to provide extra strength.   There are also openings for the connections and it’s top loading slip-case design is easy to use.

It does cost £53 (Around $80), but that’s a great price to pay when your friends will simply swoon at the sight of your gorgeous new Apple toy.

You can pre-order a wooden case now by visiting the site, or for more information, drop them an email to info@versaudio.com

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5 thoughts on “Handcrafted splendour for your iPad”

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  2. I dunno. I’ve never liked wooden/bamboo cases/skins/stickons on high-tech gadgets. Seems incongruent with the very nature of such devices. I guess its a matter of taste, but I don’t think I’ll ever swoon at a wood-encased gadget. But titanium or carbon-fibre on the other hand…

  3. This is the second stunning case you have shown for the ipad. Hopefully you will do the same for the upcoming HP Slate which some of us are holding out for because of flash, etc. Thanks.

  4. @chriszzz I love carbon fibre gear… it looks awesome! However, i think the wood looks great, especially for the iPad. I think it would look silly on an iPhone/pod, but the iPad looks great.

    @John I’m looking forward to the HP Slate coming out, so we’ll see what cases are on offer soon.

    @Fred Have you had experience of this happening??

  5. Even the iPhone runs hot in enclosed cases like the Otterbox ones. Great cases but after a while your phone will be crashing from over heating.
    I like the “look” of this case but not the cost or the possible heating issue. Now that I’ve seen one, I could make my own with the better wood and vents. 🙂

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