When is a lawnmower a gadget?

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When it’s a Duracell-Powered Neuton mower which can be charged on only 10 cents worth of electricity. Neuton’s are the quietest lawn mowers available and are powered by a rechargeable 24 or 36-Volt Duracell battery so they don’t require gas or oil, which means no more messy, smelly stuff on your hands and clothes. They feature an easy-to-use drop-in Duracell battery that can be recharged inside or outside of the mower and will handle up to 1/4 of an acre before needing to be recharged, so they are probably best suited for people with small yards. The Neuton 14”-cut model is is priced at $399 and 19” wide-cut model is $499.

9 thoughts on “When is a lawnmower a gadget?”

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  2. Ohk. And how much do the batteries cost, because I’m gonna need 4 of them? I bet that’s the killer… but then, I’m a pessimist.

  3. I actually own a Neuton CE6. I love the fact that I don’t have to kill myself trying to pull-start it, the fact that it’s ridiculously quiet, and the fact that I don’t ever have to make an unplanned run to a gas station just to buy a gallon or two of gas. It’s no match for thick growth, but for most suburban grass cutting, it’s fantastic.

    Yes, the batteries are expensive, but Neuton regularly has seasonal sales that they are more than happy to alert their customers about.

  4. Yeah, my yard would eat this mower for lunch. All that rain in Seattle makes the grass grow. You actually don’t need too much sun, just lots of water to grow mountains of grass.

  5. Nice product, however, way to small for our 750 m2 (3/16 acre) lawn. I’ll stick to my 19″ (width) Briggs & Stratton gas mower. I’ve used less than 1.5 gallon during last summer (bi-weekly mows). It also features a clutch to redirect some power of the engine to the rear wheels: an absolute necessity in hour garden with lies at an avarage angle of 20 degrees, with excesses of 40 degrees.

  6. First, definition of a yard is different in Calif. – it would be plenty for us.

    Second, when the battery runs out, it’s Miller time! Sorry Honey, I can’t mow any more, the battery ran out. 😉

  7. We got a corded electric a few seasons back, and I’ve enjoyed the quiet cutting as well. This would probably last for two cuts of our yard – we prefer ivy, trees and natural mulch to grass. Plus, I _hate_ cutting grass!

  8. Mowed my lawn with the CE6 (19″) last night and I don’t miss my old gas mower. I live in a suburban neighborhood in California so, as expected, it took me a total of 20 minutes to cut the front and back lawn. It works really well and it is nice not smelling of gas/oil after mowing.

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