A/V Furniture with Built-In iPod Dock

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tv console ipod dockAh tax-refund time, when a geek girl’s fancy turns to thoughts of LCD HDTVs…

Seriously, my husband and I are looking to replace our ancient (in electronics years) floor-model rear-projection TV with an LCD TV.  We have to also have a new TV stand, so I’ve been looking at a lot of web sites to find something nice, affordable, and not glass and metal.  I was interested to find several TV consoles that contain built-in iPod docks, like this Medford console from the FurnitureFromHome web site.  The Medford is about $1000, and you can find other styles and types online at various sellers.  It’s hard to see in the small picture, but there is an iPod visible on the left side of the attached picture.

5 thoughts on “A/V Furniture with Built-In iPod Dock”

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  2. Great! Not only do you have to throw away your iPod enabled clock radio, but also your friggin’ furniture when iPods go out of style. :rolleyes:

  3. I don’t think you’ll have to throw your furniture away. There is a little wood cover that fits over the dock for some of these pieces. The covers would keep the dock connector clean when not in use, and it could keep it hidden when you no longer need it.

  4. What’s weird is I bought a new entertainment center about 8 months ago. No where did it say it had an iPod connector. But when I got it, there was the little circle with a cover for the pod.

    Part of me liked the idea. Part of me didn’t. I would use my iPod that way and don’t like the plastic cover in the wood surface.

  5. Note there are actually two separate pieces to this entertainment center. The “console” bottom unit is indeed $999, the top part is the “hutch” and costs an additional $499. The two pieces will need to be attached to each other by a plate which will be fixed to the back of the units. At least this is the way most units with a hutch are configured.

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