Date Announced for the Apple iPad

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apple ipadThe Apple web site is showing that the iPad will be available on April 3.  You can pre-order online or reserve at your local Apple store starting on March 12.

10 thoughts on “Date Announced for the Apple iPad”

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  2. You could just pre-order one at the store closer to my house and I’ll “pick it up” for you. 🙂

  3. To pre-order or not to pre-order…oh man…I want one so bad. But then again I know I will regret it when the 2nd gen version comes out which would be better, faster and stronger…lol. I guess I’ll wait for the reviews.

  4. Was considering getting a hackintoshed netbook or waiting for the Notion Ink Adam, but after making a pros/cons list, I decided to pre-order the base iPad:


    [1] No multitasking (more specifically, no windowed multitasking)
    [2] No webcam
    [3] No Adobe flash support (don’t care about games, but Hulu and Netflix support would be nice)
    [4] No GPS
    [5] Limited ports and expansion options
    [6] Limited to iTunes ecosystem (on the plus side, iTunes works well… at least on OSX)
    [7] 4×3 aspect ratio sucks for videos
    [8] I would’ve liked a bit more resolution
    [9] Apple’s app approval process is opaque (IMO, they should only reject apps over security/privacy concerns)
    [10] Not good for lots of text input without an external keyboard
    [11] GUI looks like it could use more tweaking (to take advantage of the large screen)
    [12] Other tablets coming later this year


    [1] A large, capacitance, multitouch screen will be fun to use (especially for maps, photos, reading, strategy games, web browsing)
    [2] Lots of potential (MLB app looks sweet)
    [3] Reportedly very responsive
    [4] Efficient (fan-less, long battery life)
    [5] iPhone GUI well-tuned for touch input
    [6] 1.5 pounds (impressive given the screen size and battery life)
    [7] Runs iPhone apps and should work with some iPhone cables/peripherals
    [8] $500 model reasonably priced
    [9] iPhoneOS platform is reliable, stable, and secure
    [10] Should be jailbroken quickly
    [11] 4×3 aspect ratio good for portrait use
    [12] LED IPS screen reportedly beautiful

    I’ll try it in the store before I open the box. If I get technolust for another device in the future, I’ll just sell the iPad.

  5. For me, the decision to this route was rather surprising for me.

    I have always had a laptop that I carry with me to work… even though I have a totally usable desktop computer a work. I’m one of those “if I’m waiting for something/for a flight/at a coffee shop/at a doctor’s office/on vacation” then I’d use it.

    I’ve carried everything from Windows laptops, Macbooks of every design (13 and 15″ Pros, Macbook Air) and netbooks. HDD and SSDs. Lots of RAM, minimal RAM.

    And for wireless when there’s no WiFi? A Verizon MiFi2200, the footprint of an Altoids box. Really small. Two of em could fit in an Altoids box.

    At first I thought “No way would I use an iPad. I have an iPhone.”

    Then I took a VERY careful look at my portable computing habits. The latest laptop I bought (13″ MacBook Pro) in Feb 2010 had only ONE app I was running in 30 days:

    A browser. That’s it.

    Never needed a webcam, never listened to music, never read any eBooks, never typed a long email, either.

    The second thing I realized was that the iPad is much, much lighter.

    The final thing that sold me was the realization that like my iPhone, the iPad should be “instant on”. No bootup times. Many times I never used the laptop because I was too lazy to wait for it to boot up, or even unfold it. Yes, even if it’s sleep mode.

    Why not wait for 3G? For me, I already pay for my Verizon EVDO WiFi router, so it’s not necessary. Having the MiFi 2200 gives me the flexibility to not only share a wifi connection with others, but to place the little box somewhere else, say, near a window for better reception.

    And what if something FASTER than current 3G (at&t) and EVDO (Verizon) rolls out? I’m waiting for Sprint’s 4G to come to my neighborhood, so I can use the latest Sprint Overdrive portable access point (3G/4G capable).

    Besides, something tells me I’ll be using the iPad around WiFi more anyhow. If I spend more than $499 on this toy, I may be afraid to USE it and treat it with kid gloves if I spend $800+ on it!

  6. My question is, if I pre-order for in-store pickup. Do I need to stand in line April 3rd? Or will they hold it for me until I come in later in the day?

    I’ve heard rumors that you still need to be in-line even if you pre-order.

    I planned on calling an Apple store tomorrow to see if they can shed light on the pre-ordering

  7. I suspect you’ll have to wait in line with others who have pre-ordered. And at least if you pre-order, you’ll have one with your name on it… assuming you’ve successfully pre-ordered one. That’s my guess.

  8. I’m preordering, but I really don’t want to stand in line. So even though there are two Apple stores within reasonable driving distance from my home, I’ll be preordering and having it delivered. That will give me plenty of time to shop for iPad cases/stands/etc. while I wait for it to arrive, right?

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