New HP Multi-touch tablet is on the way!

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HP 2740p

Hewlett Packard have recently been shouting about their new Elitebook, the 2740p.  It’s an ultrathin, convertible tablet which also supports multi-touch and input from a pen.

The 2740p will have a 12.1″ LED screen and will be powered by the Intel’s new Core i7/i5 processors, and with up to 8Gb of DDR3 memory stacked inside, an Intel HD graphics card and a choice of either a 160 or 320Gb solid state hard disk, it’s bound to perform very well!

It’s certainly aimed at the more professional customer, what with it’s strengthened glass display (MIL-STD 810G compliance!) which has been designed and tested to resist dust, humidity and vibration.  But, it’ll still do nicely for the average user!

The 2740p will come with the usual suspects; WiFi, Gigabit Ethernet, 2mp Webcam, Bluetooth 2.1, 3 x USB, Firewire, VGA etc.  However, it will also be sporting  optional EVDO/HSPA (with GPS) for connectivity.  They’ve also included a spill-resistant keyboard!

And, not only this, the unit itself measures only 1.25 x 11.4 x 8.3 inches and weighs in at a little less than 4lbs, with the standard 6-cell battery attached. HP say the standard battery will run for around 5 hours, but you can also get the expansion pack to ramp it up to around 11 hours.

The HP Elitebook 2740p will hit the US market from April 2010 and indications on price are around $1600.  HP have also announced that the expansion base for the 2740p, which will provide a DVD burner and eSATA connectivity and allow users to use other peripherals without having to plug/unplug  will be available at the same time, priced at $300.

Want one?  I do!

8 thoughts on “New HP Multi-touch tablet is on the way!”

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  2. @Don It’s all about the gadget lust! It just grows, so don’t fight the urge! 🙂

    @Sam It is a nice update to the 2730p and it should perform well I think.

    It would be great if it was a little lighter, but crammed with quite a bit of decent kit in a case that’s compact, they would’ve had to work really hard to get it any lighter.

    I think the ‘exact’ weight is 3.82lbs… which is still pretty good!

  3. It’s closest competitor is about 1/4 lb lighter. Lenovo Thinkpad X201 Tablet starts at 3.57lb.

    Dell Latitude XT2 3.62lb
    Fujitsu Lifebook T2020 3.52lb
    Fujitsu Lifebook T4310 4.2lb
    Fujitsu Lifebook T4410 3.9lb

    Fujitsu has a lot of tablet models!

    I’d like to see a a 2740p/X201T equivalent with a 10″ or 11″ display and aluminum/carbon fiber structure to reduce weight.

    My current tablet/notebook is 2.5lb but is much worse in every other way *grin* (P1620). I’ll probably need/want to upgrade sometime this year… (where’s the P1640?!?)

  4. Evan "JabberWokky" Edwards

    Yearg! My wife and I just decided to buy two matching HP tx2s in two weeks (with my company picking up one). Now we have to do a spec/price comparison and decide if we want to wait.

  5. Evan:

    You probably want to go tm2 instead of tx2.

    If you don’t need touch, HP often have what appears to be good deals on the 2730p in their small business outlet store (a few days ago they had a new 2730p for $729, but it’s gone now, there’s a refurbished version with same description for that price as of a few minutes ago).

    If you don’t need multitouch, Lenovo sometimes has what appears to be good deals on the X200 Tablet in their outlet store, though I don’t see anything really appealing right now.

  6. I would seriously recommend against HP brands. I loved my tx1000 for the first year, but once the warranty ran out, I started experiencing problems. In my quest for remedies, everything I’ve come across indicates frequent, multitude problems with HP products, and a complete and utter lack of customer service. I recently had to reinstall Windows because of bluescreen problems, and when I tried to restore the backup files, HP’s own proprietary program couldn’t recover my files. The DVD burner failed to burn another backup of these files, and as a result, I lost over 20 years of writing. I would suggest that if anyone is really considering getting this – as nice as it’s being marketed – that you wait and see how other users respond before sinking your money into HP products.

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