TMT Tactical Wallet Review

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Today I want to show you the Swiss Army knife of wallets. It’s the TMT Tactical Wallet from Toner Machining Technologies of North Carolina. The TMT is no ordinary wallet my bulging back pocket friends. This bad boy has been designed for extreme conditions on land, sea and air.

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There are two versions of the TMT wallet. The H20 Sport Wallet is made of CNC machined Delrin plastic, while the TMT Tactical wallet (which was sent to me) is made of CNC machined solid billet 6061-T6 hard coat anodized Aluminum. If you don’t know what 6061-T6 aluminum is, I didn’t either. A quick wikipedia search tells me that it means it has been tempered (hardened with heat) and is very strong.

It weighs in at 7.4 oz (empty) and has a footprint of 4.0 x 3.57 x 1.150 inches.

This wallet definitely feels rugged and I bet I could run over with my car and it wouldn’t be any worse for wear (except for the built-in compass). No, I’m not going to try that test. It’s too nice to scuff up.

The exterior of the wallet has a smooth feel even with the fine ridges in the surface. The sides are rounded to make holding this case a comfortable experience.

The company name has been engraved on the bottom.

I mentioned at the beginning of this review that this is the Swiss Army knife of wallets. I saw this because the TMT has several built-in tools.

In addition to the built-in compass on the lid of the wallet, all four bottom corners offer extra features. Here you see carbide glass breaker point and the head of a pair of tweezers.

See, I wasn’t kidding. They look identical to the tweezers that are included with most Swiss Army knives.

The other corner has another familiar tool…

The handy dandy toothpick.

There’s also a built-in ink pen. It took me awhile to figure out how to remove it. I kept wanting to pull it out like the other tools, till I finally realized that I had to unscrew it by using my fingernail on the ridges.

Removing and reinserting the pen is quite cumbersome and awkward and as a result, I’d rarely use it. But of course, it’s always going to be there if you need it.

Although not shown, the other corner has a lanyard hole.

Opening and closing the wallet is very easy. There’s a metal clasp on the front that pivots open and closed. Here we see it in the closed / locked position. Just press in on the ridged section…

…to pop it open.

The wallet opens like a book, with currency / credit card storage on both sides.

The two stainless steel money clips can be removed to reveal hidden storage compartments that can be used for other items such as medication, a small pocket knife, sewing kit…

It’s even deep enough to hold an iPod “fatty” nano.

The wallet has O-ring seals to keep water, dirt and dust from entering the interior.

TMT also claims to block RFID scanning devices. I could not figure out a way to test this feature, so I’ll just have to take their word on it.

The TMT Tactical wallet is not something I would recommend carrying in your back pocket like a normal leather wallet. For one thing, it would be very uncomfortable to sit on. I think it would be better suited for a jacket pocket or gear bag. I can’t really see the average guy (or girl?) using this wallet. But I definitely see it as a good choice for someone in the military or other extreme job.

What do you think? Would the TMT Wallet fit your criteria as your ultimate wallet?


Product Information

Manufacturer:TMT Wallets
  • Rugged
  • Several built in tools
  • RFID shielding
  • Hidden storage
  • Difficult to remove the ink pen

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13 thoughts on “TMT Tactical Wallet Review”

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  2. Great! At least there’s no further need to carry the proverbial bible all times – this beauty will stop any stray bullet !

    Slightly costly for the benefit, though … I feel that’s something I’ll definitely not buy. Add a flashing red LED and I might give it a second thought … 🙂

    Irony mode off – who needs such a gadget?

  3. Heck Yeah ! I will get one. I wear a fanny pack at all times.Nothing is ever in my pants pocket( can’t stand it ) the pack holds everything.I have work,play and dress packs of every style and function.I will get one of these to put in my briefcase from “saddleback leather” talk about robust !

  4. Seriously – how can you carry this in a pocket? Not a chance in my jeans! While an interesting concept, unless I carry this in a separate bag, this in no way qualifies as a “wallet.” 🙂

  5. Nilay, I don’t know. I used to carry a Palm T1 in a hardcase which appears to be similar in size. I kept that in my front pocket. While my current wallet is smaller in height-x-width, it is just a wee bit thicker.

    Then again, I’m not keen spending that much on a wallet. Or even half that.

  6. When i first saw the close-up of the corners on the wallet, I though the corners had little rollers built into them for rolling that bad boy through airports.

  7. I actually think the “wallet” is pretty handy. Especially for anyone in the armed services. Think, local money, survival gear, medication, small parts and don’t forget the Ipod. Anything that makes their lives easier and safer.

  8. Great review.
    > FYI….The Delrin Wallet is a little thicker then the Aluminum one,
    > Also, I think you’d be surprised if you ask most men that carry a
    > wallet in there back pocket to see it. It would probably be as thick
    > as or thicker than the wallet that you reveiwed.
    > I’ll send you an Aluminum wallet in a week or two, so you can see the
    > difference.
    > Thanks again,
    > Jim Toner
    > President
    > Toner Machining Technologies Inc.
    > An ISO 9001:2000 Registered Company
    > “Committed to Our Customers’ Success”
    > [email protected]
    > 828-432-8007  Ph
    > 828-432-8030  Fax

  9. Try to test the RFID blocking by using an RFID ID badge or a keyless entry “key” for a car. That should do the trick.

  10. The Delrin Sports Wallet that is shown in this review was primarily designed with outdoor sportsmen in mind and it allows them to hold items such as fishing flies, first aid items, medication and even an I-pod. It is slightly thicker than our Aluminum Tactical Wallet that is not shown in this review, but it is very light and easy to carry. This model floats and it is sealed with an o-ring to prevent water, dirt and dust entering the interior of the wallet, so it’s great to carry while fishing, hiking, camping, boating, and kayaking or any other outdoor event that you would be worried about your personal items becoming wet or ruined.
    Our Premium Aluminum Tactical Wallet is thinner and because of its sleek design and appearance we sell quite a few of these models to military & law enforcement personnel and everyday urban dwellers that appreciate percision high end quality products.

  11. I love it! I would totally use it for kayaking, adventure racing, anything outside in the rain or on the slopes. I usually carry my wallet in my jacket or backpack, so I don’t mind the hard shell.

    Just a bit expensive for a student’s budget…

  12. Thank you for the honest review of our product…..TMT Wallets.

    We have only been manufacturing this product for about 6 months and we have made several changes based on the feed back that we have been getting from customers and reviews like yours. Which, we really appreciate.

    These changes include more attention to fit and finish and improved money and credit card clips. Our wallets are also available now without the compass for customers that prefer a medallion in its place.

    Furthermore we are getting ready to introduce a slimmer urban model and an injection molded Sports Wallet that will retail for much less that our current CNC machined Delrin model does now.

    If you’d like more information about our products or if you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me personally or visit our website

    Thank you again and best regards,

    Jim Toner
    Toner Machining Technologies Inc.
    An ISO 9001:2000 Registered Company
    “Committed to Our Customers’ Success”
    [email protected]
    828-432-8007 Ph

  13. It is great to see this product then I notice that it is made by Toner. Last year we spent the day at Toner doing a video project. Jim and his team are good people, have an impressive facility and know what they are doing.


  14. i really would like to get one of these wallet’s but i am going to wait a bet to see what other model’s will be coming but i do like what i see

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