Geeky Wrapping Paper from ThinkGeek

The Gadgeteer has been helping you with your holiday shopping by showing you products that would make excellent gifts for your gadget-loving friends.  Here’s some wrapping paper that will put the perfect finishing touch on your gift.  ThinkGeek says they have sacrificed many trees to bring us this unique creation!  You get four sheets of Geeky Wrapping Paper, each 20 X 30 inches, in your choice of six patterns, most of them suitable for any gift-giving occasion.  Choose from Equations, Binary, Can Has, and Zombie for general use.  A paper called ChristmasBots is specific to Christmas, of course.  My favorite is called Nondenominational – a dark blue paper with a snowflake design and sporting  the heartwarming  “Have a Satisfactory, Non-denominational Capitalist, Wintertime Gift-giving Season” message.  The gift wrap is $5.99 per package.  I think a pack of the wrapping paper itself would make a nice gift for the right person!

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